"Maa there is no light coming".

"Wait I will call the electricity office".

While calling the electricity office and getting to know that the electricity won't come for the rest of the day was not a bizarre situation but something which the rural people are struggling with. Energy whether in the form of coal or oil or electricity has great importance in modern era. Every development and research programe depends on energy such as agriculture and industry. One source of energy that is being used by households these days is solar energy. Solar energy means the heat which the sun provides to us and the energy which it generates in the form of heat.


Why is solar energy important these days?

Due to high level of pollution faced these days we see solar energy as a safe medium to use because it tries to eradicate unclear consequences that are used by the conventional fossil fuels such as coal, cooking gas and oil as we see these sources are being used and consumed all over the world.

There is an urgent need for solar energy due to increased global warming. We are familiar with this term when the initial temperature of both land and water goes up from the average temperature.

Therefore there are some uses of solar energy that helps us to eliminate the use of conventional sources.

  1. Installation of solar panels.

    Solar energy can be used to generate electricity by installing solar panels on the rooftop. It is a very cheap and safe method to use solar energy which converts the solar energy direct current which in turn transforms itself into alternating current. The amount of appreciation solar panels have received in the past years is incredible because the installation of these have made electricity reach in those parts too where electricity was not there for a longer time.

  2. By using solar cookers.

    Cooking is the most essential part of the day to day life. whether living alone or with a family, one needs to cook food. solar energy can be used in cooking also. How?. By using of solar cooker. Solar cookers use the sun's energy in the process of cooking rather than using gas, fuel, charcoal which emits pollution and are hazardous for the environment. but using a solar cooker will help us to make the best use of the sun's energy also being inexpensive to the households.

  1. By using solar water heaters.

    The Solar heater is another important that is made by using the sun's energy to produce hot water. the technology used is the fluid based which means that air or an anti-freezing fluid is put into the collector which helps the water to heat up without any electricity, therefore, making the usage of electricity minimum.

  1. Used in household chores.

    While solar energy can be consumed by both organisms and plants such as for organisms in drying out clothes, keeping us warm in winters also by converting the solar energy we can use it to charge our devices. So the usage of solar energy is vast and it all depends on how one consumes. so there are certain points by which households can use solar energy properly.

  2. The electricity consumption must be reduced.

    Using those appliances which use less amount of voltage and power which will cost your electricity bill less. Usage of incandescent bulbs and water heaters all can reduce energy consumption.

  3. Install LEDs instead of using high voltage bulbs.

    While using high voltage bulbs instead of LEDs it costs more and the amount of energy spared is also incredible. one should shift from the use of old bulbs to LEDs for using of solar energy properly.

  4. Run high consumption devices during the day.

    The heavy appliances in your household such as washing machines, heaters, dryers, water boiler, etc use a large amount of energy. one should try to maximize their usage in the day time because solar energy can be used which is more feasible and less costly.

  5. Switch off stand by the model.

    While not in use, such as television, microwave, oven, plugged in sockets there is still some amount of electricity being used. Try to unplug the sockets to save energy and lower down your electricity bills.

    Keeping in mind all these points one can save and use energy in the best way possible.