It is being calculated that sun could produce around 10,000 times more energy than that is consumed by earth presently. Every place on earth manages to get a bit of sun. The use of solar power can be efficiently done by converting it to electricity. Also termed as photovoltaic cells. Through this enough electricity could be generated to satisfy the entire world requirements. To an individual photovoltaic roof gives strategic and economic independence. Earlier in 1970s this trend was not too popular and much expensive that commonly it’s unaffordable. But their manufacture cost had decreased since then and advanced technologies are put into use. Now a power station on your roof is easier on both eye and pocket.

Concept of solar energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. It does not generally cause pollution and safe for the generation. It’s geographically wide availability is an ease for all. Initially photovoltaics were used as a source of electricity for small and medium sized applications, like calculators. By 2050 most solar power installations would be done in China and India. Solar photovoltaics and concentrated solar power would contribute 16-11 percent of World Wide electric consumption. World’s largest source of electricity would be solar energy.


The most significant advantage of solar power is that once the capital cost of installation is paid off the energy is free. Solar power is undoubtedly the cleanest, most reliable form of renewable energy available and it should be used in several forms efficiently. It uses solar-powered (PV) panels using photons of light from the sun, converts sun rays into electricity by exciting electrons in silicon cells. Then to homes and business electricity is used to supply renewable energy. In solar systems, solar panels are placed on the roof. The prime sunlight hours would be from 9a.m. to 3p.m.

List of benefits

These systems lower a building’s utility bills, these systems not only pay for themselves over time, they help reduce air pollution caused by utility companies. Here lies the knowledgeable fact, the more local-generating solar electric power systems are installed in a given utility's service area, the less capacity the utility needs to build, results in saving everyone from funding costly additional power generating sources. Solar power plants generates green power from our own solar electric system and thus help to remove the pollution and other problems generated by fossils. It also create jobs and helps in building economy as well. Solar powered electricity creates great future for itself by having positive impact on environment and saving money at the same time.