Is The Development Of Renewable Energy A Warning?

Mar 30, 2020   •  0 views

It is rightly said by Tom McMillan that “For 200 years, we have been conquering nature. Now we are beating it to death.”

Renewable energy is the energy that is derived from renewable sources and gets replenished in nature continuously.  Renewable energy has always been considered a boon to the biodiversity because these resources won't run out, the maintain ace required for them is low and renewable energy saves money. But nowadays with an increase in the development of renewable energy is becoming a serious threat to the biodiversity. Renewable energy has many benefits, but it is not always necessary that renewable energy facilities come as a boon to us. There are various disadvantages of having renewable energy such as higher upfront cost, geographic limitations, and storage capabilities. Although the advantages of renewable energy are more than the disadvantages but a recent survey in this regard shows a completely different picture.

Recent activity in Australia shows that more than 2000 renewable energy facilities were built in areas of environmental significance which in turn has led to the threatening of the natural habitats of across the globe.  The research was carried out by the University of Queensland who mapped the location of solar, wind and hydropower facilities in the wilderness, protected areas and key biodiversity area. In order to set up these renewable energy facilities, there has been a lot of damage to nature such as trees are being cut off; forests are being destroyed in order to make roads. 

In a recent interview, the lead author at the University of Queensland School of earth and environmental science said that he was alarmed by the findings. He further added that these developments are not compatible with biodiversity conservation efforts.

In another interview with the senior author at the University of Amsterdam, he added that effective conservation efforts and a rapid transition to renewable energy was essential to prevent species extinction and avoid catastrophic climate change.

The biodiversity needs renewable resources for its sustainability but it has to be made sure that the process of building these renewable energy facilities does not damage the biodiversity as much as it can.