A Question To All The Z-Generation People

Mar 04, 2019   •  131 views

To all the boys who have made fun of girls and marked them and taken it as an achievement since they haven't retaliated and to all the girls who have lost confidence due to all the people who have made you feel low for your appearance, hello from the other side.

She walked down the stairs to reach the staff room and saw a group of boys walking in the opposite direction. They stopped on seeing her, gave her a nice stare and looked up and down. They walked away with a loud comment, " Macha!!! Worthu illa da".

Now who's responsible for the whole situation happening right here. Is the girl responsible? Did she ask you to stop and stare at her? Did she ask you how she looked? Did she ask you to pass comments and mark her?

Since most of the boys pass comments over girls that cross them, I take a chance to ask them this question, "Who gave you the right to comment on a girl?".

Keep passing comments until one day you get married to a girl (your wife) who has passed several hundred situations of being commented upon and being marked and there she lacks confidence and might as well been put to several psychological issues.

We know most girls just ignore the comment at that moment, but deep within it's not at all what she can ignore.

"Ugly, fat, dark, skinny, bitch". Did she ask you? She knows what she is and she knows what she is capable of . She knows it all.

Not all girls want to react or strike back at that moment. Imagine if a girl gang passes by you and calls you 'ugly'. How do you react? Think of it. But most girls just don't do that.

Commenting is not the best way to show your heroism, it's not the best way to show that you are a desirable male. You are just showcased as a pervert.

If your sister is subjected to this situation, do you not get mad at the boys? Why should you get angry when you have done the same thing to someone else's sister. There you have lost your status as a responsible brother and a responsible human being.

You are not a desirable man until a girl tells you that. Don't try to showcase yourself as an alluring man here with all these behaviours and attitudes. It's all for the worst.

I've personally been through and seen hundreds of people I know go through this phase in life. It's just one fucked up phase.


I never want to see any girl going through this. The loss is huge. It has sometimes costed lives.

A few incidents that I've taken in reference with news article goes as follows:

  • Neha Gangamma, a first-year BBA student from St Joseph’s College in Mysuru has become the latest victim to curl shaming. The college student committed suicide after being teased by friends and classmates for her half straightened hair. Her family who lives in Kodagu’s Kottigeri region believes she was depressed due to hair fall caused by an incomplete hair straightening treatment that made her take the extreme step. Neha had gone to a beauty parlour in Mysuru to straighten her curly hair but did not have enough money, hence was advised to straighten just two sides. Her hair did not end up looking the way she wanted and was made fun of, for the same.
  • A minor girl committed suicide by jumping into a canal in Rajasthan's Kota city reportedly after being fed up with two boys who eve-teased her regularly.
  • A resident of Kansuwa, prima facie the victim was fed up with eve-teasing by two boys which compelled her to take the extreme step. In the wake of the incident, city police are attempting to identify the boys and verify the allegations against them, added Sharma. More details regarding the incident are awaited.

We read this in news papers and social medias, our pulses rush to the peak and urge us to give the post a like and make one comment below it which reads " These people should be hung". Then we walk out of the door and do the same thing as that, for which our human sense just pumped up and made a hate comment.

One can never change the world until they become the change themself. Start from you. Start from today. Don't spread hatred even if you can't spread love. It may cost a life. Be the change.

This isn't a statement out of attitude. It's my personal opinion.

I will be a beginning to the change that I expect from the people around me. Will you?