Dreams, the virtual heaven on earth. May it be us sitting in a boring lecture, a peaceful day all to ourselves or cuddling into a duvet fast asleep, we dream all the time. But what are dreams? Are they a manifestation of our own minds? Some kind of foretelling? Or just a bluff?

It can’t be denied that before the advent of internet, dreams served the purpose of fulfilling all our fantasies. We travelled across the worlds, lived for ages, visited utopia, in our own dreams. No man or woman could ever forget their day dreams during their teenage years. We practically live in our heads most of the time rather than in the real world.

At the same time, it has not always been the same fairy land we live in. Dreams change, constantly. As girls and boys, we dreamt of being the princesses and warriors. Our dreams as teens were about friends, crushes, outings and parties. But past that period, we stopped dreaming and started to force dream.

Sounds puzzling?

We tend to do that because we are puzzled. As we grow, we bury our spontaneous self dep within us and start to search it in places we won’t find it. It confuses us, suddenly having to lose ourselves to adjust to the societal norms and we day dream, or rather force dream to escape reality. While a few years ago it would have been the same us lost in our little wonderland, unknowingly.

What could this condition possibly suggest?

The depressing truth about the reality. That is, the younger generation, the proud achievers of 21st century, are depressed. They feel the need to escape to somewhere far away while not being able to do so physically for they have to be present the very next day to face reality. When the dreams that were once products of our longings deep in our heart has now become the gateway that help us to flee the horrors of our own demons, that rings an alarm.

We are in dire need to escape reality that we are forced to get lost in something that serves as an alternative to a sedative. Nowadays, youngsters dream towards the numbness from all the depression and pressure. We are willingly letting ourselves be consumed by a self-directed plot that pushes us to the abyss of self-confidence.

So, as childish as it may sound, we need let ourselves let go. We need to dive back into the past to get a taste of what real dreams were made of. Because they were full of colours, magic, life and happiness. We need more of that in our hearts. Life and positivity, a heart that yearns for more of that innocence and not the endless tunnel of darkness. Because, everyone one of us deserve it.