Top 18 Interview Questions For Freshers With Sample Answers

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We are exposed to interviews at some point in time. Sometimes as a fresher in the same industry you completed your masters in or a new industry because of your own choice. A few common questions asked by interviewers. These questions help them determine your personal, professional attitude and whether you are fit for the role. Freshers get asked quite basic questions since they do not know much about the working of the industry so you can relax and answer. Here’s a guide on the general interview questions you need to prepare as a fresher with effective sample answers.

1. Give me a brief introduction about yourself/ Tell me about yourself
Your name, age (if required), the highest educational degree you hold, the number of members
in your family, hobbies and a few skills. If you can speak multiple languages then mention that.
(Various jobs needs multi-linguistic candidates based on the role) Keep it simple. Remember not to learn your speech. Prepare your basic introduction and go with the flow.
A: My name is Pratik. I am 22 years old. I have completed my graduation in BSc. from XYZ University. I’m a fresher. I live with my mother, dad, and a younger sister. My father is retired, mom is a housewife and my sister is in 12th grade. I enjoy reading novels in my free time. I also love listening to music. I have good communication skills and believe I’m a quick learner.

2. Tell us more about your hobbies.
As a fresher, you may be asked to elaborate on your hobbies. Your hobbies can help them get a bit more idea about your personality. We have a list of hobbies from which you can pick your type. If you enjoy playing sports like football/ cricket (outgoing and energetic), Reading novels (Calm and quiet), Photography (Observational), Food blogging (Creative) or Traveling (Enthusiastic). Hobbies can be one or more. Limit to talking about one/two. Let’s consider Reading.
A: I love reading. My favorite novel is ‘The Alchemist’, *3–4 lines summary about the novel*

3. What’s your biggest strength?
A professional or personal skills that the role demands. Sharing your real strength is advisable. Take a few minutes and make of list of the skills you possess and share the one that possibly compliments the position.
A: I believe my communication skills act as my biggest strength. I can communicate effectively with new people. I am also highly motivated towards what I do and that’s also a plus point.

4. Tell me one incident where you showed your strength.
An explanation for your previous answer. You can take a second to think and give a relevant answer. Try not to jump into saying something and go blank.
A: I was the lead volunteer for some events during our college festival. I was involved in organizing, coordinating with the participants and the entire team.

5. What’s your weakness?
It is a bit confusing when you hear this question as to what could be the right answer. No one is perfect. It is always advisable to say something that doesn’t concern your role/requirements and how you’re addressing it and making changes. Some ideas are- Humor, time management, straight forward, writing skills, shyness, high involvement, multi-tasking, the language barrier. A
graphic designer with a writing skills problem can still work efficiently. A shy candidate applying for the role of chat support can talk about their shyness.
A: I am honest and straightforward. A lot of people tend to take offense easily or dislike my opinions so I am working on kindly expressing myself.

6. What do you know about our company?
It is wise to do your research and read the company’s profile briefly before attending the interview. Read the names of the director and founder. Without proper understanding, you will probably appear shooting in the dark and leave a bad impression.
A: As per my understanding, I believe the company deals into/ is into (appropriate explanation as per your understanding) _____

7. What are you expecting from the position?
This varies based on your role. If we take the position of a Cabin crew position for instance.
A: I am extremely passionate about traveling. I have excellent communication skills. I believe these skills can be best utilized for this role hence want to take this opportunity to learn and grow with the company.

8. Tell us about __ (from your resume) or you’ve mentioned this on your resume, can you tell us about it?
Interviewers go through your resume entirely to analyze your personality. Make sure you have a clear knowledge of what you mention on the resume. The interviewer may about your hobbies, education/college, internship. Be thorough and answer accordingly whatever you have mentioned in it.
A: I completed my 2 months internship from XYZ organization. During my internship, I learned about __(What was your role there). I also developed time-management and multi-tasking skills. It was a challenging and exciting opportunity.

9. What makes you fit for this position?
Everyone has some skills that can benefit the company. Be open and genuine about your skills. You need to stand out. Try to convince the recruiters. Answer confidently and finish with a firm smile now and then. Own your words.
A: I believe I can learn and grasp things quickly. I have always been high energy driven towards my work so it’s fair to say my motivation can benefit the company and help me grow too.

10. Let’s say you got a better opportunity or a chance to follow your hobbies. Would you leave your full-time job?
A fresher sometimes tends to blackout at such questions since this already sounds like a trap. Well, this is to get an idea of how passionate you are about work and analyze your dedication. They want to work with you only if you plan to stay for a longer period. If they feel you will leave soon they
won’t consider wasting their time. So have a clear answer to questions like this.
A: That sounds great but currently I’m looking to develop and enhance my professional skill set. I want to learn more and I’m more focused on settling down.

11. What is your salary expectation?
As a fresher, it is very important to focus on learning although you can research and find out the company’s average pay scale from websites like glassdoor or the main source where you found out about the opening. Don’t quote too high as it may lead to rejection.
A: As per the HR policies of the company.
-As per the company norms

12. What position do you see yourself in 5 years?
A fresher goes through training for the first few weeks or months. Many candidates get trained, learn and quit to find something else which is a loss for the company. They look for candidates that may stick to the company for at least a few years. You can see you see yourself as more experienced, grown and at a managerial position in the company. Let’s say this is a BPO interview,
A: I see myself as a TL (team leader), leading over 20 members.

13. Tell us more about your educational background or what did you study in college?
We develop some skills throughout our college years. You can utilize this space to talk about something related to your course. Any software, events you represented your college or the study module. Let’s say you learned photography.
A: I majored in photography. I love travel photography. I have a fair knowledge of Corel draw, Photoshop, and illustrator. I was also exposed to advertisement photography and designing. I have taken part in photography events at inter-collegiate level.

14. Are you willing to travel?
Always interview for companies with convenient distances and modes to reach. Companies generally take enthusiastic people that are comfortable with traveling.
A: Yes. I don’t mind traveling.

15. What was your dream job as a kid?
A doctor, journalist, a teacher or a pilot, anything you saw yourself as followed by a reason why.
A: As a child, I looked up to my aunt who was a journalist. I thought it was really exciting but I have developed better clarity over time and entered this industry.

16. How would you deal with stress/pressure at work?
Will you be able to manage efficiently when there’s workload? That’s what they want to know. It’s best to mention a practice you follow to keep yourself under control.
A: I usually stop and take 10 deep breaths or get a cup of coffee to freshen up my mind.

17. What can we expect from you in the initial days?
As a fresher, they want candidates that are energetic and willing to learn so explore all the job openings and apply for roles that suit you so you can give your best.
A: I think I will learn as much as I can and deliver the best results using my skills and capabilities. I would like to contribute to the growth of the company along with my own.

18. Do you have any questions?
If you have any queries regarding the profile, working days, timings or daily working tasks for your role. It also shows you’re interested and energetic.
A: Yes. What would a typical day at the office look like?

Above everything else, be confident. Be fearless. Give your best shot and do not worry about rejection. There are many opportunities in the market. All the best!



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