Instead of imitating others and living the life that won’t bring happiness for you, be yourself and do whatever you want.

Everyone will say learn from him/her or live like him. It is very easy to say, question yourself why we have to live like others. this is our life, one and only one life. Does portraying like others will give you happiness? If so how long you will be happy?

We are all humans we will do mistakes. The right thing is learning from that mistake and not repeating it again. It is human tenure to compare with other’s life. We are habituated to it.

The pain, suffering, happiness and everything will be handled by yourself. No one will take your pain and bear your pain. Feel proud about yourself. Everyone are unique by their nature.

If you are women people will set a standard for you, that you should know all the household work and you have to do it whether you like it or not. If you don’t like that work follow your heart . You need not to do it.

Think calmly about what you are. Remove all the labels you imposed on yourself. Get to know your inner soul. Analyze your thoughts.

I will tell you about my own experience, During my childhood i never used to tell my parents or my relatives whether i truly like the things they bought for me. I used to lie that i lie that i like frock, toy etc.. After few days they came to know whether i truly liked it or not. Because i used them only once. One day my father told me you don’t need to suppress your likes for everyone. Do what makes you happy. if you fall down raise back again and correct it and walk with pride. You should live on your terms.

Sometimes we don’t know what we want. At that time we should not be hurry seeing others. Start the things when you are really ready for it. Get married when you are really ready. Search your happiness by being yourself; express your desires and everything.

Don’t cover yourself with fear and beliefs of society and all. Follow your instinct. Throw away the stuff that is burdening your heart. Just for a change try to be you for one day, you will definitely fall in love with yourself. We all search for Love across the globe, without recognizing that we can give that all to our self. If anyone judge you that is their fault not yours. Create your own identity. If you do any mistake in past, simply learn from it and forgive yourself and move on with the flow of life. Stop thinking about what others will think about you. Whether you do good or bad the people who are judgmental will always tries to certify you.

Value your needs, health etc. and take care about them. While analyzing your thoughts if most of them are negative don’t worry, try to build and see positive in everything. Never fool yourself in front of others. Create your own identity by following your heart. Everything is about heart. we all know the quotation ‘ what we think is what we become’.

If you blame and comment your own body saying it fat and all you will be remained like that only. By comparing your body type with others is a sin, remember five fingers in a hand are not same. Pen it down the things you want to do and try to fulfill them.

If your life is going through bad phase please don’t give up very quickly. In this bad phase you will learn about your people and many things.

Do justice for yourself by living life on your own terms. Spend some time alone and try to find out about yourself. Make it as a routine. We all have a habit to expect things from others, start expecting from yourself. Never comprise your dreams just because of what others might think about you. Always think about the strengths you have instead of weakness. Drive away the thoughts that are suffocating you to the core. Pamper yourself about the good things you do. Connect with a person who accepts the real you. Acknowledge your emotions instead of denying them. Self-talk helps you a lot. Sometimes you may think that it will be crazy about self. But trust me it will helps you a lot. Create your own individual image. Driving away the negative thoughts is difficult by trying it day by day you will surely overcome it. Start Writing a dairy, pen down all the things you feel about yourself. Work for your goals. Don’t beg or please others. Every human has a power to achieve anything. We always forgot about this and we will start depending on others. Appreciate the work you do.

In my life i have gone through lot of ups and downs, there is a point of time where i want to give up on myself. But i stood by holding my head high, because i don’t need to sacrifice myself to make others happy as it makes me loss my identity.

We all go through the phase; we may feel afraid of revealing ourselves. But what if we find happiness and no need to hide ourselves in a mask, what if you reach the stars by being who you are.

You should not act in real life. If you do so you will die by pleasing others only. you will never live for yourself. Stand up for your thoughts and beliefs. Stand up for yourself even though you have to stand alone. If you think you don’t have friends because of being you then look into the mirror, you will get a lifelong true friend. Time will come were life will give us friends and spouse who love us the way you love yourself.

Self-doubt kills us inside. So stop self-doubting. Do you know what is the most important thing you should have to live in this world along with Food, Shelter, and Money? You should have inner peace. You will get that inner peace when you accept yourself, when you accepts your mistakes and forgiving the decisions you have taken in your past. Accept the past and Live in current moment. Always thinking about what you have to do in future will won’t help you. Don’t think that you are so mean to others just because you are not following them or giving what they want. You will find out who will stand for you when you lost everything and you will find out who will stand until you are going through good phase of time. Try to improve your thoughts in positive manner. Similarly in the same way respect others thoughts and there way of perspective of seeing life.

You will get lot of experiences and memories to preserve for your entire life.

Follow this routine, say these words to yourself

  1. I will never ever criticize myself.

  2. I’m beautiful

  3. I will never beg or please others to accept me.

  4. I will never hide myself.

  5. I will never compromise on my dreams.

  6. I will never hurt myself.

  7. I will spend time with myself away from social media and all for at least one day in the month or week.






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