Yeah, It’s Psychological….finding it hard to let go of Some things…

Especially if that “Somethings” is Some Person

Who was incredibly Important to us once!

People in our lives who have had such a tremendous impact on us!

Sure, you could continue to make further changes, fill the cracks…..,

Build a new foundation…., or

Create new cracks to cover up the old……,

but the scarring will always be there no matter what …….

When everything that you have become is… a Big thanks to this one person,

whom you had to part ways with,

 realistically letting that person go and forgetting about them isn’t going to happen.

Those cracks will always be there,

 and if they haven’t been filled perfectly by another,

then your mind may very well figure out a way to have them filled by their original creator.

Experts Said  “A great love experience puts anything that falls short to shame”

Think of the best slice of pizza that you have ever had or the best, plump and juicy peach that you’ve ever bitten into…..