“Nothing in the universe

can stop you from

letting go and

starting over.”

In your life you come across a situation where you have to leave everything and have a new beginning. This is a point where you have left a relationship and can no longer work on that way. This is where you have to have a new starting if everything cannot work as it used to. So, my starting punch line may have given you an idea about my article. Honestly, it is not that easy to move on, but you have only two ways either stick that person or completely move on. Do not stay in the middle stage where there are maximum chances of a person to break down.

Now, when we talk about a breakup that doesn’t mean that you are leaving that person for someone else. When you leave a person for someone else it is not a sad moment, it isn’t something you sit and cry upon. Breakup truly means people getting separated for some reason like family, career, etc. At this moment the person dealing with breakup is have a tremendous amount of energy in his/her heart. As we all know energy neither can be created nor destroyed, it can either be converted or transformed. So, at this point the person can give his best and his talents come out.

Breakup not only means getting separated but also breaking of heart and as I said earlier heart never breaks when you leave anyone. Now, here you want to be with this person but you cannot. Heart not only breaks when breakup is occurred but it also happens when a burning desire of yours is not accomplished. In intense and deep love there is a passive energy. At this point you can sit with the person hours doing nothing just staring in each other’s eyes.

Now, when you are in deeply loved with a person, a thing or a situation, it has a abiding peace and silence in it. There is no past or future in this type of situation. There is a cessation in this situation. Now, here you are connected with the creation. You think you are only joined to a person but basically you join to everyone and now this is love.

The best way to get sad is to just sit and think about you. This is guaranteed way of getting depressed. Here, now there is second situation that is breakup and here you cannot get relaxed. In this case, your energy is concentrated to your heart. Now, when you channelize this energy in a correct manner, you can bring out your best creativity and there is no limit to this.

In a case of breakup you can make out your all new dimension. When something is made by this energy and by whole heatedly, the thing will be timeless. But on the same time if you do it from your brain it will be destructed by time. For example, Taj Mahal cannot be destructed and is unique because it is made after a broken heart. But what about the buildings around you they will get demolished by time.

I strongly suggest channelizing your energy in a constructive way and not destructive way to bring out your best and make yourself busy in that. At the end, only a broken heart can understand the true meaning of losing something.

“Sometimesgoodthings fall apart

so better things can fall together. ...”