5 Tips To Organize Your Work Space And Stay Productive

Luke Douglas
Aug 30, 2019   •  5 views

Understanding productivity is only possible if you manage to break down all the factors that keep you productive in the workplace. Here, issues like motivation, skill and tools that you’re working with definitely spearhead when it comes to assigning priorities and level of significance. However, your work environment can be just as important. Therefore, by improving it, you could also improve your workplace productivity. Here are five tips to help you get there with minimal investments and effort.

Minimize distractions

The first thing you have to do is minimize distractions, which often means purging your office of all the unnecessary clutter. By keeping your office clean, you’ll reduce the visual distraction and create an environment in which it’s easier to stay focused. Other than this, you need to consider the amount of noise that you’re going to encounter. Getting some noise-canceling headphones, however, would be a great solution to this problem. Working on your most important task early on (the first few hours in the morning) is incredibly important.

Have “the talk” with the people around you

Regardless if you’re working in an actual office or remote working from home, you’re bound to encounter people who have trouble dealing with boundaries – regardless if it’s a coworker who tries to small-talk with you while you’re trying to work or a roommate/partner who doesn’t understand that just because you’re home, it doesn’t mean that you’re available. The problem with this lies in the fact that there’s only one way for you to handle this problem and that’s to have “the talk” with the person in question.

Buy a second (or a third) screen

The more monitors you have, the more effective your digital world layout will be. This is because you get to control how much screen space you need. If you’re not using a second or third monitor at the moment, you can always turn them off. However, when you need to write a post while looking at the statistics at the same time, or if you want to use a drag-and-drop model to create a design, this extra monitor will come in particularly handy. In other words, you get more than a few advantages and not a single downside to this model.

Develop a sense of belonging

If you’re working in a digital environment, developing a sense of belonging to a brand is a lot harder due to the fact that you’ll be physically separated from the rest of the team. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways in which you can make up for this. You should never underestimate the strength of social media friendships and just because you’re not in the actual office, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a branded mug on your desk. If, on the other hand, you are on-spot, you need to keep in mind that uniforms and well-made name labels tend to strengthen the sense of unity in the office.

A stimulating environment

Finally, in order to turn your workplace into the most stimulating environment it can be, you need to focus on a plethora of different elements. First, the color of the room needs to be in agreement with your tasks. Red boosts aggressiveness and alertness, yellow inspires and boosts creativity, while blue and green keep you calm and steady. Second, introducing some indoor plants might improve the way in which you perceive the place. It may also improve the quality of air. Finally, natural light is essential both for your morale and for the visibility of the room.


Depending on how you organize it, your work environment can work with you or against you. Sure, intrinsic motivation, skill and tools used are more important than the environment itself, however, you should never dismiss a potential advantage or underestimate a potential downside. With this kind of optimized workspace, you’ll have an effortless way of staying at the top of your productivity. When you consider just how little effort it takes to set all of this up, it becomes an even bigger waste not to do so.