Books Are Always Our Best Friends

Jun 07, 2019   •  30 views
"Books = Best friends"

Books are being the major source of storing information from ancient days but now you can also carry e-books, no burden of books thanks to technology just friendship with books. Mobile phones and various other gadgets do not remain our best friends forever because they may be outdated but the books will always remain our best friends because the concepts and the knowledge provided by a book are never outdated.

Books are written by the wise men and therefore books are our right adviser and philosopher. In confusion, which path to choose you must always consider books as they will always provide you the right path. By reading the books of great philosophers, they provide us inspiration to do great things. They provide us good thoughts, fill our minds with knowledge and awaken our souls. The Knowledge provided by the books is just food to our minds.

Reading good books daily is a good exercise for our minds as it refreshes our mind, provides us the solutions to our problems, makes us strong, inspirational books make us extrovert, goods books can also help us in decision making and make us mature and wise. Only reading a book is not enough, understanding of what in the book is written is also important. You must have a habit of reading good books. Books are of many varieties such as the books which make you laugh, the books which make you feel motivated, the books that bring tears to your eyes, fictions, non-fiction, books that improve your vocabulary, books that improve your speaking and writing skills, etc.

There are also many religious books such as The Gita, The Bible, The Mahabharata, The Quran, etc which provides us valuable lessons in life. One must for sure read and understand these books to be a good person in life.

You want to read books but are not able to find which book to read or if you have decided which book to read, you are not able to find the book. You did not need to worry then; you can visit the “Library”. The library is the temple of books. You can find any type of book, of any category, any subject very easily. So just make a habit of reading good books in order to become a good, humble, generous, positive and successful person in life.



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