What Are You Doing During The Holidays ?

Likhita S
Apr 20, 2019   •  45 views

With the summer vacation approaching, a lot of things constantly pop up in my mind. Though I am a little disappointed we lost many holidays because our exams were postponed. It is such a pity, one more week of holidays, gone. Putting all that sadness aside, since this might be one of the last vacations we could get, it isa lot more special. With holidays, comes the usual question, what to do during the holidays? Well, there seem to be a lot of things to catch up to and a lot of things to do.

First of all, holidays equals more sleep. As my grandmother says, catch up on sleep whenever you can. Take a lot of rest and rejuvenate yourself. Eat healthily and gain energy. Since, all of us are always busy with classes, exams, homework and assignments; we usually don’t get to sleep or relax that much during school or college. But during the holidays, we do not have to worry about these things. We can do all sorts of fun filled activities and relax.

Next, we can catch up on our favourite TV series, dramas, mangas (Japanese comics), books and comics. Usually, I have avery long list of movies, dramas and series to watch. Then another long list of books and mangas,to read. This list never really ends, but even then, we can catch up on a lot of them.

Holidays are meant for travelling. Grab this chance whenever it is possible. It is not always that you get a chance of go to another place. Do not hesitate to do so. You make so many memories while travelling and you get to see a lot of new things.

As a person who is interested in art and craft activities, I want to make different decorations. You can find a lot of tutorials online, which will guide you in such activities. Such activities are a lot of fun and also pretty to look at.

Next, since you have a lot of free time, you can learn something you are interested in. It could be cooking, baking, playing an instrument or painting. With a lot of time in hand, we can focus on learning new things.

Last but not the least; spend time with your family. Have fun together. Plan a trip or a simple picnic. You might not get such chances in the future due to your work or any other reason.

Hope you have a lot of fun during the holidays and do all the things you have planned.