What is life if you always stick to the same old things? You should definitely try new things. Mind you, not the things which are not good for you.(You understand what I intend to say). Every time you want to try something new, you either feel anxious or feel excited. You might like the things you try or you might not like them. But those are always precious memories.

You might have the opportunity and chance to do something today, but you might not get that chance tomorrow. As we all know, it is in human nature to not realise the importance of the things we have until we lose them. You will definitely regret not grabbing that chance.

Few years later, when we grow older, we will look back and only see ourselves being scared of doing these things,we will definitely feel sad about it.

You might think that you can try things later. Who knows what might happen tomorrow.We are not even sure about what will happen the next moment.

Constantly being in your comfort zone, well, gives you a monotonic life. Imagine doing the same things daily. Ultimately you lose spirit and interest. Everything becomes boring. You don't learn anything new. Trying something different gives you a short break from your daily life, if you are tired of it. Then you go back feeling energized.

There's always a first time for everything. First day of school, first day of college, first time riding a bike. I bet all of them were nerve wracking. We overcame that fear and moved forward. Every time you do that; you open new paths and possibilities for yourself. It gives you inspiration and motivation.

Like I have already said, you either feel anxious or excited before trying something new. In this process, you step out of your comfort zone. You see things differently and pick up things you have not noticed before. You get to know yourself better. You discover those hidden talents of yours. You acquire skills. You conquer your fear in the process. You experience a variety of things. Most importantly, you feel happy about the whole experience.

So, take that leap of faith. You are beginning something new. Off to discover something new about yourself too.

I have a lot of things on my bucket list. I'm not sure how many I can cross off the list. Hopefully, all of them.