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Likhita S
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I always wanted to write about this, since there are so many songs I would like to share with you all. So, here, I will share some motivating songs, and if most of them happen to be by BTS, excuse the Army within me, because their songs are so good. Since most of us like listening to songs and music, I think such songs give us energy during our hard times. I am including a part of the lyrics of each song, so that you can understand the theme of the song.

1.The Climb

By Miley Cyrus

"There's always gonna be another mountain
 I'm always gonna wanna make it move
 Always gonna be an uphill battle
 Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
 Ain't about how fast I get there
 Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
 It's the climb "

The entire song describes the journey of life. It is about how we face obstacles, and every time we may not overcome them, but we still have to keep trying. It states that the experience is much more important than the time we took to achieve our goal and the result. The most important thing is we must always keep trying. I feel it is a beautiful song which encourages you.



“I’m the one I should love in this world
 Shining me, precious soul of mine
 I finally realizedso I love me
 Not so perfect but so beautiful
 I’m the one I should love ”

(Please understand that these are translations of a Korean song.)

This song begins by saying that when we love someone, sometimes in the process of adapting to that person and trying our best for that person, we lose ourselves.It says that we should learn to love ourselves first, because we are precious even though we may not be perfect. It emphasises self-love and its importance. I personally like this song a lot, because of how calming it is and of course due to the lyrics.



“Follow your dream like breaker
 Even if it breaks down, oh better
 Follow your dream like breaker
 Even if it breaks down, don’t ever run backwards, never”

This song is about striving hard to achieve our goal. Each day might be exhausting, we may feel like giving up, and even if we take a short break, we should never stop working towards our goal, i.e. “tomorrow”. That “tomorrow” might be far away, but we have worked too hard to just give up half way, therefore never give up. Someday, you will definitely reach your goal and be rewarded.

4.Kill em’ with kindness

By Selena Gomez

“The world can be a nasty place
 You know it, I know it, yeah
 We don’t have to fall from grace
 Put down the weapons you fight with
 Kill 'em with kindness
 Kill 'em with kindness
 Kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em with kindness
 Kill 'em with kindness
 Kill 'em with kindness
 Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead now”

This song is about dealing with the hate we get. Instead of retaliating and behaving angrily, it says we should respond with love and kindness. This is a really difficult task, but by doing so, we learn to care, less, and ignore hate and discouragement. We will win in the end.

I suggested four different songs, each with a different theme. Hope you like them. Happy listening.



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