Mango” goes along with summer. It’s delicious juice, nectar, tasty recipes and benefits are the gossips of healthy kitchen. The exotic, oddly shaped but tender fruit- mango is the king of all fruits and is full of vitamins and minerals. How can one escape the benefits of divine, fresh orange mango juice of its nectarous pulp.

Let’s look into the king's world. Mango belongs to the member of drupe family of which coconut, olives and dates forms a part. It is a type of plant food with an outer fleshy part surrounding a shell (pit). Mangoes are grown in tropical climates and have been a staple part of human diet in summers for more than 4000 years ago. As we go through the nutrient content of the fruit we come across its surprising health benefits! A small fruit with a orange pulp and nectar can make a juice of manifold benefits.

Want to reduce the risk of lifestyle-related health conditions? Dreaming to live long and reduce fats? Hitting gym to increase energy and stamina? A friend of you from plant world stands up to help you through the process. Many studies have suggested that increase in consumption of mango reduces the risk of diabetes , obesity and other heart diseases. It complements the water supply in our body, help us increase stamina and reduce weight. Other numerous surprises hide in mango which can assist our health routine.

Time to take a sip of fresh, iced orange coloured juice. The deliciousness of mango juice is not only for taste but also for our health. Imagine a glass with all rich nutrients and a divine taste. Mango juice is same as a blessing from heaven, prepared with ultimate purification.

There are some notable benefits of mango juice as follows :

  • Protection of eye health - The antioxidant zeaxanthin, found in mangoes, is known to filter out harmful blue light rays (emitted from our mobile phone's screen and computers) and hence protects our eye. A vital organ of our body receives a guard!

  • It also reduces the risk of age-related muscular degeneration. You can keep your cheeks intact if you are fighting with age-related creams to do so!

  • Beta-carotene found in mangoes lowers the risk of development of Asthma in our lungs. This nutrient can also be found in papayas, broccoli and pumpkin.

  • A preventive treatment for incurable cancer! The beta-carotene found in mangoes is widely known to have positive impact in the cancer treatment industry. This has been proved by a study of Harvard School of Public Health's Department of Nutrition. Researchers are following up this study to find cures of cancer.

  • Play blindly! Reduce the risk of bone fracture. The abundant Vitamin-K in mango juice takes care of the bone health. It balances the calcium content and manages optimal bone density.

  • One cup of fresh mango juice provides 3 grand of fibre. High fibre diets manages the blood glucose level and indirectly the insulin level. This helps in cure of diabetes- both type 1 and type 2.

  • How can one not mention the water content of mango juice when it comes to benefits. The fibre and water content helps to prevent constipation and promote regularity in digestive tract. It helps in proper digestion of food and absorption.

But limitations comes with every case. Blind consumption is never recommended. A glass of mango juice can be consumed 2-3 times a day for people below 50 years of age. Having mangoes prior to exercises (30 mins) can be beneficial. As a standard, intake of 500 ml at intervals per day is satisfactory for a general consumer.Moreover too much consumption can lead of increase in blood sugar levels and constipation. People who are sensitive to peels can develop rash or irritation. Those suffering from arthritis, sinusitis, hyperactivity, rheumatism and sore throat should refrain from eating mango.

Who's stopping you? Take a sip!