How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview

Kumari Kriti Raj
Jun 07, 2019   •  46 views

The introduction is the basic thing that people should know and should work upon. In many interviews, candidates get rejected because of the way they introduced themselves. People should follow some basic steps to introduce themselves in front of anyone or at any place, doesn't matter whether it is a workplace or somewhere else besides work.

These steps are as follows

1) Wishing the interviewer

Wishing the interviewer means wishing the interviewer good morning or good evening or whatever is the time. This is to keep in mind that we should never start any introduction directly by introducing yourself with your name. That's the biggest mistake than anyone does. By wishing the interviewer, you show how disciplined you are.

2) Your name

After wishing the interviewer, one should start introducing themselves. This is to keep in mind that never introduce yourself by using- this is or myself. Always introduce with My name is or I am. Example:- My name is Kumari Kriti Raj.

3) Quick detail of your family.

Well, giving detail about the family is not so necessary, it depends upon the interviewee's choice whether he or she wants to reveal it or not. But if one is giving detail then it should be just in 3-4 lines only. For example the occupation of your parents and the family background.

4) City detail

Never to forget to mention the city where you were born and where you are living. Also, mention why you love your city. it should be in just 2 lines.

5) Hobbies

Many people do a mistake by mentioning 'listen to music' in their hobbies which is totally wrong. Mention things that you love to do, like reading books then what kind of books, writing poems or articles or such things.

6) Achievements

If you have any achievements in the past then do mention it. For example, if you have won some prize in some competition or at any event. Mention all the certificates and awards that you have won.

7) Short term aim

Short term aim means what you want to become or want to do for a living or earn some money. Like, being a professor, being a photographer, being a judge etc. Also, mention why you want to become such an officer or want to such a career.

8) Long term aim

Long term aim means what you want to see yourself as a human being, what is your passion. For example, being a writer or something just like this.


You can conclude your introduction by saying to the interviewer why you want to do that job and what will be your potential as a worker, why you love to join that company.