How Government Can Help In Education, Job And Vacancies

Kumari Kriti Raj
Jun 28, 2019   •  5 views

Being a PM is not about being a representative of a particular country, it is also about leading that particular country in the right direction and in the right spirit. And one can lead anything in the right direction by enhancing the roots and enlighten it to the most. As per my opinion, the roots or the basis of any country is education.

Now the question is what is the exact meaning of education? Is it just about taking degrees and participating in such debates? No, not at all. Education means teaching and training people of all ages and races. It is about giving value to the skills. It is not just about books and articles, it about aware people, it's about teaching them good habits, manners, and etiquettes.

But what exactly are the benefits of getting an education? And how can it help other field or issues of the country?

You know that our country is now one of the fast-developing countries in the world, it means it is going to the place of a higher one, higher in everything whether it is about education or trading. instead of knowing the fact that education is compulsory, the government sometimes ignore this area, that is, of education. Through education, one can get jobs and can become an employee. Goodwill the education, goodwill the intellect. But being educated and being intellect is different. In February 2017, the unemployment rate of India increased to 6.1 percent as compared to 5 percent in January. This 6.1 percent unemployment rate is noted to be the highest monthly rate in the past 15 months before Feb 2017. The numbers went as low as 3.4 percent in July 2017, why because there are not so many plans and facilities in India for intellectual people.

How education can help in different fields to students and in getting a job for job seekers

The government should try to build more and more schools so that every student can go to school. On the other hand, the more will be the schools, the more will be the teachers, it means the more will be the vacancies of teachers. The government should try to invest some stipend upon private jobs as well, so that educated unemployed people should get their worth. They should also invest some money upon education and try to make it cheaper. For example, most of the students drop their dream of being a doctor because of money. So the cheaper will be the cost the higher will be the students. The more will be the doctor and nurses and health issues will also get solved in terms of a doctor. They should try aware people about diseases and only an expert in the medical field can do that.

The next example is making the studies of law cheaper so that student can enroll themselves in law colleges and in future we will be getting more lawyers and judges because India is lacking in such digits. India has just only 19 judges per 1 million people and overall there is a shortage of 6,000 judges including 5,000 in just lower court. Why? because of vacancies and lack of degree people of that level. So, the more will the education, the more will the degrees and more will be the awareness. The government should also try to make more hospitals so that people won't be traveling in kilometers for check-ups. More hospitals, more doctors and nurses.

Now the next thing is that if people will educate themselves then they more open to the government plans, they can understand it better and can take the benefit of such plans. Education can help them in doing research, solving problems. For examples solving the problems of agriculture. Nowadays agriculture is not just a mere word, it is the dependence of life as well as the destiny of life. The failure of crops may lead to death, including the suicides of farmers. Farmers commit suicide because of crop failure. They are not aware of different government plans and the real or correct way of growing crops. So if the educated people of the agricultural field, it means the one who had done researches on agriculture can help these farmers. They can teach them the correct way of growing crops. So the government should provide vacancies for these people and their work should be aware of these farmers towards the right path.

At last, I want to mention a phrase that is, "If you are thinking of one year then plant rice. If you are thinking of a decade then plant trees. If you are thinking of century then educate people." And our country wants a long time relief from the crisis of all fields and only education can help in it.



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