Hand In Hand With The Environment

Kumari Kriti Raj
Jul 08, 2019   •  18 views

The environment is surrounding and can also be considered as an influence over that surrounding in a general way. But when it comes to the ecosystem then the environment is something which is related to the natural world. It is the most important thing for a human to survive whether it comes to a general way of surrounding or it is about the natural world. Instead of knowing the fact that it is the most important thing of survival, we harm it to the most. Species are getting endangered, becoming extinct, dying because of deforestation is the result of our action which we do insanely upon our environment.

Our environment is our basic need, it fulfills our requirement the most. It is the biggest gift that God has given us. But what we give him in return, brutality over nature. For our non-needy want, we cut the forest, harm the atmosphere. We have built an enormous number of the factory, We have spread everywhere smoke, dirt, dust, garbage. And these all are affecting the environment hell.

So what exactly we can do to save the environment so that we can save our existence

First and the vital one, we have to stop using those products which are not decomposable like, plastic. We, humans, have made the plastic and we are the one who is suffering the most because of the plastic affecting the environment.

Second thing, we should start cutting less and less tree as much as we can. Because the tree is our basic need, we cut them for our need. We make many things from the tree but there are some things which are recyclable, so we should recycle them. And if we are cutting one tree for our need then we should grow 10 trees for that one tree.

The third is the prohibition of burning cow dunk and wood. First, that, burning of these things generates smoke, black smoke which is very harmful to the environment.

Fourth, We should allow those vehicles on the road which works on CNG. The government should ban 20 years old vehicle. Because these vehicles generate a

lot of black smokes which is directly affecting the ozone layer.

There are many things that we need to keep in our mind if we want to go hand in hand with the environment. If we want to save ourselves then we must save our environment.



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