Surround Yourself With Good People

Kritika Singhal
Feb 23, 2019   •  578 views

In the world where everyone is judging you it becomes very hard to trust the other being. It happens to us that when we are very happy or in the high phase of our life then everyone shows generosity and kindness. Everyone will be our friend during that phase. But at the times when we have encounter with a loss or in the low phase of our life then only few people are there with us. Those few people with whom we are surrounded during hard times are our true friends and well wishers. It is important to have such true people in life.

It is said that 'you become like the person with whom you spend your time the most'. This is because human beings spend most of their time with other people so it is obvious to imbibe their traits. If those traits are good then it will make you to take a step forward towards the goal of your life but if they are not good then each step taken by you will be towards the destruction of your life.

Here are some reasons why it is important to be surrounded by good people in our life:

🔷 Motivation : To perform any action we require motivation. But one cannot have such motivation all the time. At times when we do not have the motivation it becomes hard to do anything. Being surrounded by good people one will be always motivated to achieve our goal.

🔷 Competition : It is a known fact that true performance level can only be judged by the competition. If a person is running alone daily then he will not be able to judge his timing but if he runs along with other people then he can have a better calculation of his performance. When you are surrounded by good people then the competition with them helps you to grow faster and better.

🔷 Critic : If someone is surrounded by people who always speak good about him whether he is wrong or right then that person will never be able to improve in his life. It is necessary to have true people around you who will always criticize you when you are wrong and praise you on being right. Their honest criticism will help you to improve further in your life.

🔷 Focus : Being surrounded with bad people might distract you from your goal while being in a good company will help you to stay focused in your life.

🔷 Positivity : Being with negative people one can have negativity in our life. A negative mind cannot achieve good in the life. To stay positive one should be with positive people.

The only way to have such people in the life is to start observing the people with whom we are surrounded most of the time. By observation only one can make a group of people who inspire us and motivate us to do better in our life.