It is believed that people belonging to research field, teaching field or students should read about their content and people belonging from other profession do not have to read. But with the evolution, nowadays knowledge isconsider as the only important factor left in the present world to excel in career and life. For gaining the knowledge one has to read and study about it. These days there are plenty of sources available to gain knowledge about various things.

If we notice then we will find that the most of the people who are successful in their life has a common habit of 'reading'. Ever thought why? Why people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, etc. who are already so rich and successful read so much? This is because reading has so many benefits.

Benefits of Reading

  • Mental Stimulation: Our brain is working for all the time continuously. It requires exercise just as our body to stay healthy and fit. The reading helps in training of the brain so that it can function properly. Memory loss can be prevented with the habit of reading.

  • Proper Sleep: With the increasing use of gadgets human beings spend their most of the time in front of a screen which is damaging their eyes and affecting their brain. Gadgets make us awake from our sleep. Reading makes mind to relax and allows it to get away from screen which provide benefit of proper sleep.

  • Reduces loneliness: Reading takes you to a complete different world which may or may not be related to your present one. A person who finds himself lonely can read books which would take him to another world.

  • Better Conversations: There is no doubt in the fact that reading provides a lot of knowledge and when person is having knowledge about several things he can have a better conversation with the people around him.

  • Improves Concentration: Human being is indulged in so many different things that it has become hard to focus on one. Reading helps to improve concentration. This is because while reading person focuses on one story and be lost in it. This prevents his mind to get distracted and improves concentration.

  • Improves Vocabulary: The more we read the more we are exposed to new words and writing. Exposure to new words improved vocabulary of a person. Good vocabulary can be helpful in professional fields.

  • Living more lives: It is said that a person who has a habit of reading is able to live different kinds of lives in his one life. While reading, a person gets to know about others life and their experiences. These experiences help a person to react more correctly in some situation.