Every human being who takes birth on this earth has some qualities which make him unique. That's why it is said that every other human being is unique in his own way.

Human beings on this earth have too many relationships. These relationships make this earth a better place to live. If for one second all these relationships gets to an end then there will be nothing left in the world. Sometimes every individual try to change himself so as to make him comfortable to be in such relationships. Why? If one have unique qualities in self then why to change them.

These days human beings are so busy that they have forgotten to respect themselves. Respecting oneself is more important than respecting any other being. Being thankful to 'what you are' is a necessary thing. Acceptance of self makes us realize that we are no lesser than anyone. It is something like instead of saying 'Why am I like this? ' accepting 'what you are?'

Most of the problems existing in this world among people are because of the fact that everyone is trying to change each other as per their wish or as I said above some people change themselves for others. This is wrong. Changing for others means losing the uniqueness that we all have.

Imbibing good qualities is not a bad thing. I am not saying to not to discover the better version of yourself. Changing with time is an important and constant thing. Here what I am trying to convey is that one should change ourselves only if we truly wants to. This is because being ‘who you are’ is more important than being who others expect you to be.

In every human being there exist an inner self. A person should be true with his inner self. Trying to be like others makes the person to lie to his inner self. After having all your good or bad relationships or some hardships there exist one constant entity i.e. our inner self inside us. We should be just true to it. What we believe, what we think or what we do might be different from others but it is correct till we believe in it.

If a person starts accepting himself as what he is then he starts accepting others as what they are. Then there is no need to change others and also no need to change for others.