Not Every Paper Is Crushed To Throw

Kritika Jain
Jul 01, 2019   •  46 views

I just love to travel. I was pursuing towards my another destination with my friends in between we just stopped at a beautiful view side to take some rest and clicking some beautiful pictures.We were clicking the pictures and teasing each other.

During that I just suddenly saw a child sitting over there ,he seemed to be of approximately 7-10 years only.

He was quite,

But his silence was shouting something louder then his voice.

He was still,

But his motionless body seemed just like a stillness in a sea before a strom.

He was having tearless eyes,

But those vaccant eyes were dipicting the rains of tears that he shedded before.

The moment I just sat beside him to ask him what was the problem? He just ran away but while running away a crushed piece ofpaper fallen from his pocket. It took me a while to open that paper because it was wet,so I was opening it slowly and calmly so that it could be safely opened.

I wanted to stay with you,

I wanted to help you out,

I wanted to listen more stories from you,

I wanted to sleep more in yours arms,

I wanted to play more with you,

I wanted to tease you,

I wanted to laugh a little more with you,

I wanted to eat food from your hands ,

I wanted to hug you to hold you forever.

Why? Why? Why? you did'nt waited for me grandmother. You were my best friend, my best buddy ,then why you left me alone ? Now how would i'll be living without you?

Now who will save me from scolding of my mother , when I won't be listening to her?

Now who will save me from my father when I'll be coming late to home ?

Now who will tell me stories of supernatural heroes with a lesson for life ?

Now who will answer my stupid queries?

Now who will make those tasty special sweets for me?

If you wanted to leave me alone then why you became my best friend?

Grandma, please come back I won't be able to live without you. You were the only one who was there for me when got scared at night from those nightmares. Please, grandma,come back to me .I promise you I won't be doing anything that you will ask me not to do. Please come back...

As you said me that God always listen to small children's wishes. I 'll be keeping this paper for him to fulfill my wish.Will he fulfill it? Afcourse, he will as you told me he will.

The words of that crushed paper shattered me from inside , the emotions that a child enclosed in this beautiful letter made me cry and answered my query that why the paper was wet when I picked it up.

That crushed paper was not crushed to throw. That crushed paper was worthing a lot to that child who wrote it.

I don't know what happened to me after reading that piece of paper , I just fulfilled the wish of that child . I just kept that crushed paper in a temple , although I was knowing that his grandma won't be coming back as stepping ahead towards our destination I saw the same child fulfilling funeral ceremony's of someone I guess I was knowing who was that deceased person.

That day made me realise that not every paper is crushed to throw.



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Sometimes it's very hard to express ur feelings for that person who is in ur heart but not in ur life.