Convert Your Churning Wheel Into A Mysterious Treasure Box

Kritika Jain
Jun 25, 2019   •  36 views

Life is considered to be the churning wheel which churns out every second that we left behind for living another second of our life.

This makes us to leave the past and move on further to the future, but can't we convert all those churned out moments of our life that we lived and all the unknown moments as an asset to our life like a mysterious treasure box?

How will it sound if we change the saying from "Life is a churning wheel" to "Life is a Mysterious treasure box"? I guess this sounds better than the first one.

"The whole journey of our life starts from the womb of the mother and ends in the womb of mother."

The journey of life could be long, small, medium, it all depends upon the breaths that are sanctioned to us by God.

Here, this thought makes me remember the very famous dialogue of the respected late vintage actor Mr.Rajesh Khanna that "life shouldn't be long, it should be huge". Then why to spend it by churning the moments of life by just thinking that", “ if this had been there, then that wouldn't have happened to me or if that had been there, then this wouldn't have happened to me."

I don't understand why we keep on blaming the moments we lived if they are not as per our satisfaction level and why we keep on thinking that what will be there in future, why is it so difficult to let the treasure of moments that are to be lived in future only because ultimately what has to happen will definitely touch the reality to become the present for us. So, why can't we let those presents of life from the mysterious treasure box of life in the future only. Just let the future be the present for the next moment that we are going to live and enjoy the present that we are living from the mysterious treasure box of life.

The mysterious treasure box of life is quite weird because in this we could collect the moments that were present for us at once and it also contains the mysterious moments that are waiting for us to be our present.

So, its better to make your life a mysterious treasure box than a churning wheel. This makes us collect those moments that are precious , inspiring , and that teach a lesson of life to us, to be with us despite of churning all those moments and wait for treasure of presents in future to be explored.