Success is something that is a result of hard work, determination, and love for what you do. Similarly, Indian all-rounder, Hardik Pandya's recent success is also a result of his constant efforts to achieve what he always wanted to.

“During U-19 days, my diet would be Maggi, both in the morning and evening. I was a big fan of Maggi and the situation was also like that. It was difficult to maintain a diet, financially it was a problem. My brother and I used to get Maggi for Rs 5 and we used to request the gardener to give us hot water and we used to prepare and eat it at the ground for lunch and breakfast. 365 days non-stop. Now I can eat whatever I want, but that time there were many problems in the family, especially financial issues,” said Hardik Pandya.


Hardik additionally needed to drop out of school so as to encourage his fantasy of playing cricket as a full-time proficient. Pandya was an expressive kid and would be dropped from diversions due to his red hot demeanor. Before long, Krunal uncovered that Hardik was winning amusements without any assistance.


His dad was a diabetic patient, endured three heart assaults in two years. There was no decision however to prevent him from work. At that point they lost the solitary wellspring of pay. From that point on to till a couple of years prior Hardik alongside Krunal used to play neighborhood competitions, where they would get paid.

In an interview “Yes, two years back I was. There was no name for the tournament. It was just between villages. I would play for teams like Jhambuja XI. What was the fascination? Rs 400. My brother used to get Rs 500. For a week at least, life would be normal.” said Hardik.

The 25-year-old Hardik from Choryasi, Gujarat, also mentioned that he and his brother don’t believe in gaining sympathy from people and rather believe in setting examples for youngsters.

"And yet it has happened. As I said, it's a dream. There are parts of my story I haven't shared publicly before. It's not about getting sympathy – Krunal and I never took that from anyone growing up – but rather an opportunity to show young people there is more than one path to achieving your goals. We are proof of that," Hardik added.

In an interview of Irfan Pathan in New Delhi, a shy young man stood behind my camera-person and watched intently. Once the interview was over, Pathan introduced reporter Hardik Pandya, a member of Baroda’s Ranji Trophy squad. “He is very talented,” Pathan told to the reporter- “He will be playing for India soon.”

His 82 off 57 balls against Mumbai in west zone match was spotted by then Mumbai Indians coach John Wright. He had seen enough in Hardik Pandya and bought him for his base price 10 lakhs. From there on his life changed dramatically and never look back.

Pandya has come along a long way now after a lot of struggle. He still remembers those days, those hardships that he went through.

“All those days are gone, what a life it was! I tell myself I have ‘dum’. Or else how could I have reached here? How could you enjoy life when there is no struggle. Just imagine when we came to play in Mumbai during the under-19 days, we used to take photographs with Trident Hotel as a backdrop. Years later, I stayed there."

His way of life has changed yet most likely he hasn't changed from inside. Everything that he endured may appear to merit the accomplishment to him now.

Now, Hardik Pandya has become a nightmare for most of the International bowlers. He was suspended for few matches for his comments in Koffee with Karan and see how the tiger has made a comeback. With World Cup 2019 around, there is no doubt that Hardik Pandya factor in the Indian team will be discussed by all the opponents in the dressing room!