Self Healing And Home Remedies.

Krati Sharma
Feb 01, 2019   •  1 view

In ancient times ,people use Ayurveda remedies for curing diseases. What actually is Ayurveda the combination of various ingredients for particular proportion for a particular reason. They mostly consist of ingredients easily available in home or nearest natural source.they in reverse boosts the natural immune system of human ,if taken for a long time in any actually helps natural immune system to get strong enough to fight the particular virus or germs. Inallopathy, they use a combination of chemicals to cure the patient which actually not by immune system but actually that chemical compositions dissolve in blood of patientand directly attack on bacteria or virus etc. they gives relief early but on reverse they would have side effects too. Today if a person is not feeling well ,in most of the cases the took allopathic medicines by themselves or by searching on internet or by the suggestion of here favorite pharmacists without thinking of any ill effects of taking any medicines Result of which now natural immune system of humans are getting weaker day by day. According to Ayurveda getting fever is good for one in month as it destroy the bacteria and germs of body as there is a rise in temperature of body in fever and the body self recovered it in a day or two. It also says that getting cold n cough easily gives you indication about your lifestyle or what one ate as occurring of it is directly proportional to tridosha i.e vata ,pitta and kapha{vatta comprises air and space pitta comprises fire and water,and kapha comprises water and earth}. Now resulting of such activities now human’s immune system is weaker than before while the germs ,bacteria,viruses etc become more powerful than before making many diseases at their verse stages and medicines ineffective.