Take The Journey Even If It Means Alone.....

Khushi Sharma
Jul 30, 2019   •  230 views
Those who walk alone have the STRONGEST DIRECTIONS, Those who dream alone have the STRONGEST VISION and Those who fly alone have the STRONGEST WINGS.

In this cosmic world , full of highly intellectual entities, there are souls who are always catechize by others on their vision, their way of thinking and their way of analysing . Such souls are often misunderstood by other living souls as for them life, of such mortals ,is nothing less than a crumpled tissue paper which can never be utilised again. But thinking deep may lead to a very realistic fact that THOSE WHO FOLLOW THEIR OWN PATH CAN ONLY DISCOVER THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL.

Human archaeology has always remembered honorific of entities who always conjectured thinking out of the box and never restricted their souls from taking a step which can either make a big difference in the way world works or can lead them to darkness of failure from which the world hesitates .Always remember , THOSE WHO FOLLOW OTHERS LIKE SHEEP NEVER KNOW WHO THEY TRULY ARE. I am not saying that you must go at it all alone to gain strength . This is just for those who fought and are fighting battles alone , for those who feel that nobody believes in them , those who have never had support in anything they do . Remember , you need no one to believe in you WHEN YOU CERTITUDE IN YOURSELF.

It's not the mountain we conquer, but OURSELVES !!

Always remind yourself that THE SOUL THAT EMBRACES BEAUTY MAY SOMETIMES WALK ALONE. The slogan of being alone , standing in a position where you and only you are supporting yourself , is IT IS BETTER TO WALK ALONE THAN WITH A CROWD GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION !!

Every entity in this world should walk on his own path . You will feel alone at times but at that point you should allow your inner light to shine out and attract others who were walking on same path but thinking that they were alone as well.

It's easy to stand with CROWD, but it takes COURAGE to stand ALONE !!

Always remind your soul that the hardest walk in life is walking alone . You will feel like quitting but if you remain strong enough to inspire yourself to complete the journey you started , YOU WOULD HAVE INSPIRED THOUSAND OTHERS till your journey has a successful end. Remember, ALL WOULD TURN GOOD IN THE END. Someone truely said," Where there is a will, there is always a way " .

The only problem of keeping OTHERS FIRST is that you have taught them that YOU COME SECOND. Read it again !!

It's your Road , and yours alone, Others may walk it with you , But no one can walk it for you !!