Controlling Your Emotions ? Is It Easy ?

Khushi B
Jun 15, 2019   •  62 views

A simple answer is NO.

They are meant to be understood and worked through not controlled.

Well, sure you can suppress them and not let someone see them but how you feel about a situation, you can't control that.

Yes, I agree it is preached to be "more positive" and not thinking the negative thoughts so as to avoid negative feelings. But you see, that is where everything is messed up. You don't always have to be little chirpy bird who is happy with no problems, instead, you have to feel every emotion whether sadness, fear or guilt. You have to go through every emotion but be positive that it will turn out to be just fine.

Emotions are supposed to be felt. Life is supposed to be experienced.

In our life we go through a rollercoaster of emotions, sometimes we don't even know why are we feeling that way or sometimes we don't feel anything, we are just numb. But that's what life is all about to experience every emotion. We just can't be always happy or always sad. We gotta feel everything because that shows we have lived our life. If we are going through the pain so let it be, feel that and then let it go. Feel like crying? Then cry, what's the big deal as I read it somewhere "cry a river but build a build a bridge and get it over it". Feeling every emotion is the best way to deal with it because it demands to be felt. Emotions are there to make us realize something. You will get the best lessons of your life from the worst phase of your life.

Just remember, a thing never goes until it teaches you what you need to know, so experience the sad days, days when you don't sparkle, days when you don't really feel like your self as dim days are there to light up our life, they are there to teach us what we might have never learned in our good days. Life is supposed to be experienced, life is supposed to be felt, so, feel every human emotion as life is all about up and downs.

Have faith and believe that everything will be fine.

Think of your emotions as a visitor, who comes and goes. But how you treat them while they are there, define who you are as a person. If you let them come in and treat them maturely defines you are strong and not some weak person who actually shuts the Door and doesn't let them in.

But yes, you are a human after all. And always a work in progress. And just because you feel every emotion doesn't mean you'll be able to express it all to others too. But it's fine. As I said, be a work in progress and work on expression too.

Sometimes, being able to understand yourself and having the courage to let yourself go and grow through emotions, is the bravest thing you can ever do.



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