Being "Too Nice" Can Be Toxic

Khushi B
Jun 19, 2019   •  41 views

Sometimes the kindest people are the loneliest, saddest. Because yes, being "too nice" is a thing. And boy can it take a toll on your own mental health.

Because let's face it, unless you are on drugs, being perfectly nice isn't humanly possible.

Life isn't always easy. As you go through life you will face situations which will be difficult to handle. And you will go through negative emotions such as fear, sadness, anger or stress. And when you are dealing with them yourself, obviously being nice to others can be difficult.

And if you are constantly trying to be good and nice well, at least in some of the occasions you are letting your anger, disappointment, fears, the negative emotions stay inside.

We all need to vent out at times. It is healthy. As said in my previous write-ups. Life is a series of emotions you have to go through each in order to enjoy your life to it's fullest.

Internalizing them too long, too far, is a clear path to depression. You start feeling that people don't care for you or for your emotions.

And clearly, that leads to you feeling lonely. Especially if you are warm and sensitive too. While you can feel the emotions of others, feel their pain, nobody else can feel you. And that would feel just really really unfair to you. You have the right to express yourself. You should attend to people's problems only if you have the mental space.

When all you want is to be nice, the world may not always care or notice your efforts. This can lead to further disappointment and certainly self-doubt and guilt. You keep wondering what you did wrong even though you probably did nothing to deserve.

That's of course followed by an emotional burnout, resentment and wanting to completely shut yourself off.

Eventually scared of socializing, dating, trusting or emotionally investing in anybody at all.

Often we ask ourselves why people act the way they do or the cause of their action.

While the answer very A LOT, often its the same baseline, what you can't find it within yourself, you seek outside.

So if you find yourself getting hurt by people too often, trust broken, people hurting you. Ask yourself what is it that ain't fulfilling you within.

If you are the nicest, kindest of the lot, you should be first in receiving all the happiness. Not loneliness and depression.



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