Books still a best friend for many. Reading stories through books was considered as a great thing in those days. It became a day dream when movies came into picture (people do read books but the number is too less ) and that's how movies have taken over the place of books in conveying or spreading qualitative inputs for successful living through stories...

Yes ! Movies do give us good messages by portraying the characters on screen but the scope for positive impact is comparitively less than negative impact. It's like the ratio for negative impact is more than positive .This includes the following:-

  • People tend to imitate the characters so portrayed on screen, because the movie has the power to create impact in the young minds even if it is for 2-3 hours.

  • ​The lifestyle that the characters follow in movies may make it neccesary for other people to follow the same (Audience).

  • ​The situations or the scenes in the movie do influence the people at large because they get involved in a movie very quickly and it will make them feel as if they are experiencing that particular situation in their own life.

Books on the other side has several positive impacts as said earlier. It helps the person to grow as an individual, and to build one's personality..This includes the following :-

  • ​It polishes the creativity of individuals as one just reads and the characters , scenes, situations will be visually visible as one goes on reading ( It will be in your front of your eyes, as if they are right before you). This imagination of theirs improves their creativity.

  • ​The characters may influence people but only to some extent because the sentences in a book will depend on one's point of view and perceptions (like the way people read & take the sentences/words. )

  • It improves the vocabulary of individuals and also polishes their patience levels .

All in all , it's still in the hands of people to adapt the better path to live a successful life, let it be a movie or a book ; it all depends on one's perception and how they allow a movie or a book to influence their minds.

It's the chooosing that's important isn't it?