I literally questioned myself before writing this article like what exactly is beauty?What constitutes beauty? I finally got an answer at the end of this article. Read on !

Beauty is not the makeup that heroines have it on their face. It's not the fake /artificial beauty that is often shown in movies . Beauty is not found in plastic faces, fake emotions, fake relations, mask faces but it is very much present in one's character.

Beauty is :

  • The way one understands others situations and takes time toanalyse the situation give a suggestion (if needed).

  • The way one takes care of the persons in need.

  • Having a caring and pure heart (without any grudge ) and utilizing that heart to bring light in someone's darkness.

  • ​Dealing things with utmost patience (as patience is all we need to sort things ).etc

Everyone thinks that beauty is the thing which is linked to the physical attributes but apart from those there is still so many aspects which adds some meaning to the concept of beauty. Not everything you see with eyes is amounted to beauty. The intangible things in a person is also a beauty but it takes the right person to analyse the true and best traits in a person.

There will be at least one best quality in each and every person. There is no one in this world without any best quality in them. their is beauty in analysing things, in helping others, in the way one handles the life and problems that arise in life, in understanding others, in accepting others the way they are and not being judgemental, in the way one looks at others, in the pure smile of children (without any hard feelings /grudge )etc.

For instance :- The lyrics in movies may be beautiful but understanding the hardwork of that lyric writer behind the lyrics is beauty and that's the beautiful thing. It's not about working hard but appreciating someone for their hardwork is also beauty.

Identifying this abstract beauty is an art and not everyone is an artist. Having this kind of art is also a beauty and it adds beauty to life.

In the present days everyone are getting influenced by others. They are even copying the beauty products the celebrities use. Fashion means not following what other persons are doing. Fashion / style begins from within. It's not the matter of following the trend as everyone are following.

In the olden days there used to be immense glow in the faces of people. That was the natural and real beauty but now forget about beauty there is not even a glow that is seen in the faces of people. The glow should come from the heart, then the face will glow ( not by using beauty products ). People are storing so much of grudge very safely in their hearts now a days may be that is stopping their face to glow.

It is better to acknowledge the importance of inner beauty and live positively as negativity adds no beauty! I hope you discover it soon!

Everyone is beautiful just for being human