Best National Parks In India For Wildlife Enthusiasts

Kashish Gambhir
Jul 19, 2019   •  46 views

On the edge of your seats, with bated breath, you wait for the king of the jungle to show up! National parks, wildlife sanctuaries and game reserves of India can claim to offer enthusiastic travelers a tryst with the wild, as well as the excitement of coming face to face with wild animals, and that too in their natural habitat.

Jim Corbett National Park

Located close to Nainital, Jim Corbett National Park is a favourite destination for people looking to spot tigers, making it one of the important national parks in India. Tourists can book jeep safaris to early morning and afternoons.

The park is divided into four separate zones, known as Durgadevi, Dhikala, Jhirna, and Bijrani, sprawled across an area of 520 suare kilometers. All four of these are ideal for spotting a tiger in its natural habitat.

There is also an option for trekking around the park, though in the company of a guide.


Popularized as the home of the "Big Five", Kaziranga National Park is the perfect place to spot a few wild animals such as Rhinoceros, Tiger, Elephant, Wild Buffalo and Swamp Deer. This reserve houses some common hilly animal and bird species.

Covering an area of 378 sq km, the park also offers shelter to bears, leopards, and several species of local and migratory birds, but the biggest attraction remains the one horned Rhino.

Tourists can opt to enjoy jeep safari in the early morning or afternoon; elephant safaris in the early morning are also available.

Gir Forest National Park

Located in Gujarat, the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places to spot wild Asiatic lions in their natural habitat.

When it was started, there was a mere 12 lions here, and the number has now grown to reach nearly 600. Tourists can enjoy jeep safaris here, towards early mornings, afternoons and early evenings.

Sundarban National Park

Located in West Bengal, the Sundarban National Park is a Tiger and Biosphere Reserve on the Ganges Delta. Its signature mangrove forest, is a particularly popular attraction here, making it one of the most visited national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. One can spot a huge variety of animals and local and migratory birds.

The only way to travel around and across the park is by boat; there are no jeep safari or walking tours available. Another unique aspect of this national park is that the tigers have developed the ability to swim in the saline waters here. With ease, one can spot tigers sunbathing on the river banks.

Sariska National Park

The Sariska National Park is a refuge for Royal Bengal Tigers, located in Rajasthan. It is sprawled across an area of 866 sq km and supports rocky landscape. The scrub thorns in the forest make it easier for tourists to spot the elusive "king of the jungle".

Jeep safaris are available for tourists to traverse the park. Visitors can also choose to book a "hide" overlooking a watering hole, for chances of spotting wildlife from us close.