I Am Not Searching For My Other Half Because I Am Not A Half.

Karishma Khatri
May 24, 2019   •  98 views

In the 21stcentury, people tend to be with someone. They feel that their partner is completing them. People are so lonely that they think they actually need someone but why? Why would a person require the other person to complete them? A man or a woman, they both are eagerly waiting for someone in their lives. That the other person will bring happiness and will make life more fun loving.

A person must love his own self first because self-love is the best love for someone. Instead of loving another person love yourself and respect yourself. People say that they have found their soul mates and lovers but no, life is tough and people around are mean. Being with someone gives happiness and it makes you feel somehow that you are special to them but not always. Life shows different phases and in the worst phase of life people

will leave you or they will stay with you.

My whole article is about loving yourself first. No other person can complete you because you were born alone and you will die alone. Do not be in the search of better half make yourself the best that people want to be like you. Not everybody in this world is with someone but anyhow they live their lives to the fullest and they are also happy. I am not saying that finding someone else in your life with whom you want to spend your entire life is not justified but, find someone whom you love and feel good while meeting them. Do love someone whole gives their best in every situation.

That mindset only reinforces the idea that you aren’t good enough and need to find someone to make you feel whole.But it is not true. Sometimes you need someone to share thoughts and express them. Do not take me wrong, the idea is not about separating rather is about loving your own self and finding the right person in your life. With whom you feel cheerful and fortunate.



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