A place where you will find a wide variety of species, lush greenery, an encounter with nature and most importantlyattain peace.Jim CorbettNational Parkis situated inUttrakhand, India.It was established in 1936 to protect theendangered Bengal tigers.

Jim CorbettNational Park also known as park or jungle, has developed into a tourist place for people to take a glimpse of animals at their own risk. With prior booking at JungleSafari, one can have a visitto the jungle. There are timings and various gates through which you can take entry to the jungle. People are so fearless that even though they see a tiger or any wild animal like elephant, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer (chital), they behave in a calm manner just like being friends with them. In the jungle you will experience many more things like dry region, riverside road, and also the roaring of tigers, the barking of dogs, chattering of birds, bleating of sheep.

Jungle Safari is a zestful experience where onehas to wake up early in the morning and get ready to go to jungle. The small roads in the jungle are so mind-blowing that they create a positive atmosphere with no pollution,but only fresh air.

The weather in Jim Corbett is beautiful, early morning it feels cold andday time one experiences sunny day time. The nights are young to make you experience the good time. There are other places such as Garjia Devi temple, dedicated to goddess Parvati, river rafting, Corbett Museum, and most importantly elephant ridein jungle. Also, a stay in jungle known as Dhikala.

There are many resorts in Jim Corbett too, which provide an amazing experience with a perfect view outside your room. Resorts are available at a minimum price providing facilities like indoor games, bonfire, swimming pool, and a lot more surprises.

So, lastly, I would like to tell you guys that sometimes it is good to be away from stress and explore new things. Visiting jungle, temples, resting at resorts, spening time with friends and family for a day or two is totally worth it.