Pulwama attack took place on 14 February 2019 . This attack was one of the most hurting attack in the history of India. Lot of our javans sacrificed their tomorrow for our today.

Pulwama attack was a Kashmir bomb attack . This was majorly a suicidal attack which was too disturbing for our country . It was a goosebump for our country , each and every individual got deeply disturbed by this attack . We all are frustrated by this attack. Pulwama attack is the outcome of diplomatic relation between India and Pakistan.

Pulwama attack was the deadly attack on our CRPF javans , over 20 killed and more than 40 people injured in this attack . This created a massive distruction of life and property in Kashmir . Revenge of this attack is the voice of our country. Blood of every individual is boiling and crying out for revenge from Pakistan.

Our CRPF men faced burnt of attacks. Terror attack on heavily guarded highway , unclear suicidal attack all these were the painful and fearful parts of pulwama attack . All the events touch our heart and breaks it into pieces.

Pulwama attack is the biggest attack on security men since URI. Pulwama attack comes with reports of firing , grenade lobbed and many other mode of attack . Explosive were carried in Scorpio , approximately 350 kg of explosive were present in the cars according to the report .

14 February 2019 will always be remembered on the name of our brave soldiers .

Our javans leave their home to protect our country. Many mothers lost her son , wives lost her husband , children lost their father and many other relationship got ruin in this pulwama attack.

Our government will ensure ' complete isolation ' of Pakistan from India. We need a revenge which will disrupt Pakistan from it's core. India needs revenge.