World Bollywood immediately makes up images of brightly coloured production featuring elaborately choreographed song and dance, a boy Meets girl story with a happy ending. But the history of Bollywood is very different.

The word Bollywood came from Hollywood with B coming from Bombay which is the centre of the Indian films. The word was coined in 1970s by the magazine gossip column. The early 1920s show the rise of several new production companies and most films made during this era where either historical or mythological in nature.

The films on Indian classics and mythological literature such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are still dominated throughout the decade. In 1931 the release of Alam Ara took place, the first torquay and the film that paved the way for the future of Indian cinema.

Colour films soon begin to appear, as did efforts at animation.
Around 1947 industry went through significant changes. This was during this time the modern Indian film was born.

Our Bollywood has seen many development from the past and is still developing and giving best entertainment.