Making choices without a set of values is like trying to find direction without a map. Values are like moral compass that tell us what to do when we have a problem in life. Values influence our behaviour and serve as the point of reference for evaluating what course of action to take.

Honesty is the most valuable value in our life. Not only does telling the truth build strong relationships , it also allows others to trust us. When we are trustworthy we create more opportunities for ourselves.

Current is also one of the important value. Courage allows us to identify the things we fear the most. It's about allowing ourselves to face life's obstacles without letting fear get in the way.

Forgiving others is a great work. When we forgive we acknowledge that ,we have been wronged and allow ourselves to extend our hands to the people that have wronged us.

We need to treat others the same way we expect them to treat us. This is the golden rule of life.