Books are our best companies because it gives us knowledge and peace of mind. Although we have family and friends to share our thoughts ,we think books are the best when it comes to live a life full of wisdom ,with no explanation. A book can be the only thing which one can read all day long leaving behind all the problems.

Book gives us knowledge but never expect us to remain obedient to the given piece of information. Books also offer knowledge about different aspects of life. Books are well known for impartial and accurate information. Books give us assured detailed Research and information about subject.

Books are always good when you have to get a real understanding about something. It also provides most easily accessible source of knowledge as well. Nowadays many people think internet has replaced books but internet can only provide information not knowledge which only book can provide.

Good books in reaches our mind with knowledge and good thoughts just like good friend.

Keep reading books and never feel alone!



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but some point can be added ......well tried