Well, it depends!
Preferences matters on the reading medium. This post depicts me being puzzled between blogs or books. It is more like different people bring out their own perspectives through different means.

But the question is if these two media could even be compared?

As with time, people have now moved to the digital medium. It does define how you want to read the content. For more insights;

Let me add, you want to be smart in the niche that interests you. What’s better for this, reading several books on the topic or passively read the latest article on the blog. If one had asked me this before years, I would have added reading books will surely count on you.

But now I’m not sure.

People now aren’t doing this intentionally, rather than to appear intelligent and cultured. However, humans are sophisticated machines who want to acquire Shakespeare’s talent but would’nt read a copy for fun.

I see major advantages of blogs over books and one is simply spacing. Research shows that studying a large amount is less effective than a spaced out study for over time.

An underrated worth of blogs is that they are easier to follow. If you are low on time and do not have patience over 200 pages book, surely go-ahead for the blogs. Sometimes seeing the volume of content inside books may overwhelm you. But blogs help you provide daily information in chunks to absorb them quickly. At least get knowledge anyway.

Finally, technology gives blogging more depth. Even if we no longer live in that world, the format of books is still inside paper mode.

Some in favor of books!

My question wasn't intended to be oratorical. Even I still see some issues with the current status of blogs also. So, here are some things beating books over blogs.

  • Some ideas can’t be explained in drop sized one post

  • Books, as of this moment, have higher editorial standards

  • Books are well-thought and researched

Summing up the above justification, for some books will always be better than blogs. Overall, it comes down more to personal preference. It does not mean something written in a book make it better or holds more value than a blog post and vise-versa. Just because blogs give a little extra thing that you can’t find over books. They all offer content. Some people learn better visually whereas others prefer presented contents. I placed a resource that can help you with understanding the concept.




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