Promote Your Blog In 7 Simple Ways

Deblohit Deb
Aug 17, 2019   •  13 views

Nowadays, anyone with a knowledge of SEO and having the skills to write quality content can launch his/her own blog which typically requires some tactics to follow. If you give some amount of your time to read different blogs under various niches, you’ll find that most of the blogs are simply amazing and sharable among friends and colleagues. But if you want your blog to be successful you firstly have to ensure that your blog reaches out to more audience online. For this mission, you have to promote the blog in every possible way to get the traffic coming, otherwise your efforts for SEO will go in vain. But don’t worry! I’ve enlisted 7 pro tips to help you start promoting your blog post and build the traffic and rank up your blog.

1.Make your content helpful and a source of trust for the audience.

See, anyone nowadays can post any related random content just to get the trending status advantage, but that’s not the way to gain the trust of your audience. Soon they’ll find your blog is not helpful and will abandon your page which is an ultimate loss. So, first get a target audience for your blog content, then make sure your content is beneficial to them. Always write the content according to your target audiences’ demands to solve their doubts. You can reply to the questions asked by them for interaction with the audience, only after that they will like your content and build an environment of trust.

Do not just write anything without using proper words. First of all, do a keyword search for your title of the content on search engine results pages. There are several tools available online for doing this searching task on behalf of you and insert the keywords they suggest. Otherwise, type the title of your topic on search engines, and find the existing articles and blogs on that topic which will give you some specific words relevant to your topic. You’ll also find “related searches” at the bottom of the SERPs, use those search topics as subheadings to increase more traffic coming towards your blog.

3.Maintain good relationship with personal and professional networks.

Anyhow, if they feel that you’re just using them to share and spread your blog, they’ll stop seeing or clicking on the links on your page, even if you write a masterpiece. Build a healthy environment for conversation, even at the time you are not sharing your blog link to them. Your promotion will be effective and will require less effort only if you make a two-way relationship.

4.Now share your content and make interactions.

If you ask your personal and professional networks to just take a look and share the content as much as possible, it’s not going to work anyway! As I said, you have to make a real good relationship with the audience. So you can do it by posting your content very often and share each of your blog links to social networks and get them engaged on a regular basis. Your professional networks will be very helpful here, only if you share their content and engage with them on social media.

5.Socialize your content as much as possible.

Social media connections are indeed helpful to get going with promotion strategy, but, to reach out more target audience there are some tricks you must follow to get involved in real world competitions. You can use various relevant social media groups where you can post your content and spread your opinions among others. Join online communities to share your ideas. But! There’s a limitation, even if you get permission to join online communities and social media groups on Facebook or any other platform, make sure you do not post your content suddenly in between conversations. This may lead to your ejection from group and you will put a negative impression on those members and participants of the group.

If you really think the blog in this manner is not helping you to reach target audience, then you must try a paid campaign for your blog on social media to reach more and more networks online. This will give your page more visibility to target audience and your already existing potential networks.

6.Do email marketing for advanced promotion

When you open some blogs on search engine result pages, you must have noticed that the pages are asking to input your email ID for getting regular updates about the page. This is a very advanced strategy to use emails for sharing new post and contents to those people who provide their email IDs. Use these email gathering opt-ins in your site to gather email addresses. Share your exclusive posts, previous contents and information about trends posts on your webpage. Ask formally to share your content with their networks and implement the idea of getting engaged with your audience with this strategy. Many blog sites provide tips to their subscribers regarding genuine doubts about the topic of that post. You can also add similar strategies for keeping the subscribers engaged with your contents. I assure you that if all these strategies are implemented properly, then you’ll see a boost of traffic on your blog.

It is proved that if you add more related images and visuals, people are more likely to spend more time on your site and will share your blog to their networks for more readers to see. Even you can add a related YouTube video to your blog which is like a cross promotion, but this will really get you the audience and more shares online.

Outbound links are those links that connects a page on one domain to another page on another domain. You’ve probably seen blue colored lines on sentences in various pages, if you click on them you’ll probably land on a different page. So to implement this strategy, connect with various page admins and social media influencers and offer to provide them with content for them and in exchange ask them to add links of your blog on their page content. This builds a professional relationship and definitely increases your chance to increase traffic to your blog.