Have You Ever Been Hurt By Someone ?

Jenisha Roshan
Apr 25, 2019   •  17 views

In today's world where being sarcastic and passing mean comments on people is kinda swag, try to be a person with a warm heart and not a cold one.

People commit mistakes and we get hurt, angry and feel much more unsaid emotions.All of us have been hurt atleast once in their lifetime.

Having said that I would like to say that forgiving a person doesn't make you any less, infact it helps in maintaining self peace.

Here are a few reasons which pin points why you should forgive a person :

•Whether you are a religious person or not, forgiveness is a must as you are no one to judge,you are not perfect yourself.

•People commit mistakes and as humans commiting mistakes is inevitable .
•Some people hurt others without their knowledge.
•Be the bigger person .
•You help yourself by forgiving others.
•Forgiving is different than forgetting.
•Let it go.
•Put the past behind you.
•Life is too short to keep holding grudges.
•People who hurt you are mostly the ones whom you love,so do forgive them as they won't be here for long

How to forgive a person?

Don't allow the person who hurt you to be there in your mind. Don't let them affect your present.


Maybe you'll look weird while doing so but many studies show that speaking to yourself is good. Tell yourself you have to move on and forgive the person.


Each night as you drift offto sleep, adamantly refuse to usethis precious time to review anything that you do not want to bebe reinforcedin the hours of being immersed in your subconscious mind.As sleeping angry will not give you a deep sleep and the matter will keep running in your mind.


Shift your mental energy to allowingyourself to be with whatever you’re feeling — let the experiencebe as it may,without blaming others for your feelings.Don’t blame yourselfeither!

Think of something else which makes you happier .


Don't keep holding grudges against anyone. Let it go and allow blessings to flow.


Do look into the matter at hand and identify if the mistake is yours and If it is yours do take responsibility and apologize. Go home with a free mind.


Sowhen all of the yelling, screaming,and
threatening words have beenexpressed, the time for calm has arrived. Remember that no stormlasts forever, and that hidden within are always seeds of tranquility.There is a time for hostility and a time for peace.

Be like water

Water takes any form given to it. It has soft edges and can accept anything.
Allow your soft, weak, yielding, fluidself to enter places where you previously were excluded because ofyour inclination to be solid and hard.Put yourself in the place of the opponent and try to be more understanding.

No one lives forever.

With that being said "No one lives forever " understand that your life on this earth is too short and the person you hate will not live forever too.

Forgive and forget!!!