Time travel ideas always makes us go crazy. Who don't want to time travel, if they got a chance either to go through their past or future. When Einstein proposed the theory of relativity, a possibility to travel to future by moving very fast was established. Time travel to past is a debatable idea as many scientists oppose it due to many unanswered questions & paradoxes.

What if our entire universe is probably in a tiny glass jar somewhere, placed on a shelf in an alien childs room as a science fair project that got C-. What if we are able to reverse time and go back to singularity.

I would like to think of time travel to past in a different way. Everyone who is reading this article mostly spend their spare time watching videos in youtube. In youtube we have millions of videos posted by different channels. It also provides an option to pause or go backward and forward, we can't do anything further. If we take an analogy considering the channels as galaxies & videos to be life of each and everyone of us.

In a similar way if we are able to create a device or an energy source through which we are able to go back in time by a particular time frame. Where the video is from our present moment to the past, we can only pause or move forward and backward. We dont have any power to change whatever is already done, we can just go through it like going through the book of universe which we have only read from the later part . I believe this view point can overshadow some of the paradoxes and can act as our source to know the origin of life & the underlying mysteries of the universe.

Hope you guys like it.