Techno-Savy World Changes The Complete Scenerio Of Living. Isn't So?

Jeeni Gupta
May 30, 2019   •  6 views

The age of androids, i-phones, and WiFi technology has brought demarcating changes in the lifestyles of children as well as youth of present generation. On one hand, digital technology leads to the evolution of innovative minds, and takes the present generation to the next higher level of education in comparison, to the kids of 90s. On the other hand, digital tablets, cells, ipods, are replacing the plastic toys. Children wants to spend their time in playing games on mobile phones rather than playing with toys and in outside space.

In the 90s, Children used to play carroms, snake and ladders etc. Their concern was just how to take rebounds and win the queen or choose the color of the coin among four Colors in snake and ladder. Tinkle and chacha Chaudhary were the therapy for everyone. Sometimes children are too fond of comics that they try to sketch chacha and Sabu so,they can paste on their favourite walls.

Hanging out with family and having cotton candy was their favourite thing to do.

One televison in a drawing room was sufficient in the family of 8-10 people. In evening each and every family member sit together with snacks and tea in order to watch their favourite shows.

Sometimes fighting for television remote and changing channels were the medium of showing disagreement and playfulness.

Dipawali, holi and other festivals were celebrated in whole Streets . People used to visit each others home and wish them by giving presents.

Pictures were mostly taken candid. There was only one camera in which we can't even see how the picture is clicked so,nobody asks for taking another pics and selfie if it is not perfect but, nowdays, for taking one selfie in perfect posture, One need to capture 20 selfies consequently.

Nokia 1800 was the combo of radio, messages, and Bluetooth. Costs of call was too high. People usually spends only 2 to 3 at max in order to talk to each other on phone. The most important thing is that the phone is carried by only the head of the family either father or mother. So, when the head of the family will come after having long day in office. children and other members of the family used to talk to their friends for a while.

In contrast, advancement in technology has totally Changes the life scenerio of children and specially youths. Now a days, Children even of 4-5 years old demand mobile phone as a present on their birth days. Jio technology has reached to each and every corner of India. Due to the high speed data children, adults and almost everyone is busy in watching TV shows, news or anything just on Jio TV, keeping earphones in their ears. People used to get busy on call for indefinite hours because of zero cost service on same server.

Nobody waits for the coming of father or mother from the office to give his cellphone in order to talk. Everyone is having one cellphone in their hands.

Nobody fights for remotes, so there is no argument. Everyone is busy with their own techno toys.

The digital technology is so addictive. that while, sitting together for having dinner or lunch , everyone's one hand is busy with scrolling the newsfeed and other with having food. Even if people are super excited and happy after seeing their favourite dish which is prepared by their mothers. They are going to capture it's picture posting with a hashtag food with Mumma and papa on insta and fb. They do not even bother that Are they really enjoying the taste of food?

Are they really having food together with family?

Do they need to appreciate their mother for making their favourite food? Ofcourse yeah!but, nobody bothers much.

another example is from mother's day and father's day celebration. Earlier children used to cut cakes, celebrate every occasion and give their time to their family . Now they just post selfies with mom and pop on such eves.

The reason behind this is simply because nobody has time in this busy world of technology.

Earlier children used to go on trips with friends and family. They count the number of happy moments in which they enjoyed being together. Now a days, youths and children post selfies in which they are standing alone. But, tagging 20-40 people in one picture ,as they are enjoying and are happy with so and so people on the artificial platform of social media. Every real emoji has converted into round yellow emoji that is not actually the real facial expression but pasted with almost every text on WhatsApp and FB. You can be sad, happy, angry and anything just on one tap on mobile keyboard.

No body wants to show his or her teeth while laughing. They just text "Lol" as they a really bursting with laughter. In the actual situation they are sitting in one corner sometimes, having little smile on their faces. Sometimes the acronyms used in chat conversation influenced the child badly in academics. They are bombarded by their teacher for using such short terminology in academics.

Technology has not only overpowered the lifestyles of present day youth but, also the excessive desire of being updated all the time makes the generation inhuman most of the time. One such example is presented below-

If one man here injured badely in a road accident. Some People will start taking vedios and pictures in order to upload this heinous accident and get likes for updating.

Capturing pictures and videos become more human than saving the life of that man by taking him to the hospital.

Every coin has two sides. If on one side, technoworld has brought advancement in knowledge and skills among present day generation if digital tools are used systematically. On the other side, technology is increasing inhumanity in some way among the people and it is separating them from their loved once. Excessive and improper use of anything leads to destruction. The technical advancement brought mental developments among the present generation of people in comparision to the 90s and make life easier but,if it is used excessively without using head , then the present life will become a busiest and helling adventure to go through.

Jeeni gupta