Technologies We Can't Live Without

Nishu Tripathi
Jul 21, 2019   •  217 views

Technology has become one of the basic amenities of our life. It has made our lives much more easier and imaginative. Infact technology has evolved and has come so far that imagining our lives without it is nearly impossible. It saves our time especially when the world is running at such a fast pace and makes even menial tasks too interesting to perform.

With over 460 million internet users, India is the secondlargest online market, ranked only behind China.

Some technologies that most people can't live without

•Online shopping: Nowadays online shopping what is preferred and is convenient for people who are working. It is too easy to use, saves time and we get enumerate choices to choose. It has been seen that 80% of online population has used internet to make any purchase.

• Online money management: Today most people prefer using online banking facilities rather than going for bank visits. Usage of mobile apps gas been increasing to do transactions such as paying bills, checking bank balance, making any transactions.

• Social media: We share our lives over internet. We share our moments, our lifestyle, our vacations and cuisines with the audience over social media sites. We do video call conferences, interact through it by going live and showcase our lives with others. Thousands OF new photos are uploaded every minute to Facebook.

Some facilities of tech innovations

• Smart phone: smart phones have become a major necessity for the whole world. No one is seen without a smart phone in their hands. It is a all in one gadget which makes our work so much easier. Calender, camera, phone call, texting, clock etc every facility a person requires is present in such a small gadget.

• GPS: it has been around since 1970 but it took quite a while for technology to dribble into lives of a consumer. Now GPS has changed the way we live, it has made everything so convenient. We can navigate our ways through it and drive where ever we want.

• Digital Cameras: The need of sharing and taking photos of ourselves and our family has completely changed the transition of analog to modern digital cameras. Now you can take hundreds of pictures and delete them according to your choice. We can instantly share picture amd edit them send them to people across and enjoy a good quality of image. Our experience and excitement has totally changed with because of these digital pictures.