This is the small gift to you. I hope you like it. It was a wonderful moment in my life time when I met you. It's happened like a big magic. I don't know why my heart says you are the best . Our meeting was like a first flower bloom in a grown plant.

It refreshes my soul. I had no opinion on friendship before I met you. After 12 years of my school life, you taught me how the friendship was, you totally changed my attitude and prove that friendship is best among all relationships.

Many people had a question in their mind, If a boy and girl can be a best friends forever? I says, it's possible. I had also a proof, which is the relationship between me and you. Friendship is also a pathway of unleashing the hidden talents.I think small fights between us made the relationship much stronger. Later, reason for fight brings smile in our face, and also one interesting thing is fights happened more in our friendship.

Those days are the golden times, we spent together. You remember that, hours of talking in phone without sleeping, next the entire day will be sleepy. Serious lectures made smile in my face let me stand out of the class. I think this is the effect of our conversation in phone and a small thing from you is more precious to me.

I never forget the first chocolate which was given by you and one silly thing is I also have that chocolate wrapper. You are my best teacher in Mathematics,entire syllabus could be taught by you in 2 hrs through the phone. Its a new experience in my life time, without talking with you brings sad in my face.

I think our relationship is like Tom and Jerry, without one, the other cannot survive . I am proud of being your friend. I feel happy for others getting jealous for seeing our friendship. Among all boys I had seen in my life, you are the best. I am inspired by your character.

Hey idiot, I want you forever atleast for fight with me.
Can you be with me?
Note:Many parents had a false opinion, they don't let their girl child talk to boys. Dear parents, women abuse let you tell like this, please tell to your girl child, select and choose a right boy for friendship. Not all the boys are bad, some of them are excellent in behavior.