One is prone to fall asleep during the the daytime while they are other people who do not get enough sleep and are not able to sleep in the night.

This is due to the life style they live in their Life.There is no price we pay for this drug so as we call it priceless.

Deep sleep

Every average person only experience 10 minutes of Deep sleep.

It is this during this time mind and body takes complete relaxation. When we dream we are not in deep sleep we are affected by external influences. Sleep as a drug it keeps the body in a stable state and all the repair mechanisms react proactively during this time. Lack of sleep plays havoc in most of our life where even a 20 minutes wakeup faster time than the routine sleep time makes our body tired throughout the day in all the activities which we undergo. So the ideal time to sleep is eight hours for an adult stage and nine hours for children. Oversleeping also plays a big role in our lifetime where research studies have proven that oversleeping reduces our life span percentage to a certain level in our life time.

So deep sleep is very necessary for a human being to carry out their daily tasks with full energy and positivity.

Dream dream dream

Some people keep on dreaming when they are sleeping. This means that we are still awake when we are sleeping. Dream is in between we sleep and get up. Dream and as a mystery till now for some of the scientist. We are able to recall the dream because our nerves are active when we dream. People with good memory are able to recall the dream while those who have poor memory tend to forget the dream.

Tranquil sleep

The production of tranquilizer is more in this century due to increase in the anxiety level among human beings.Many humans sleep depends on the lives they live in.If they are broken with relationships,sad,worried,loneliness and betrayals disrurb their sleep a lot in their body and mind.

People who are away with these behaviours and attitudes can sleep well and their wake up call is filled with freshness.

Life emerged in this world can be factual but the mystery of sleep still cannot be explored by any scientist or psychologist where lies the touch of god in our lives.



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