Laughing whole day long

Trying to forget what's going on in mind

Dwelling over it the very night

Whether it was homesickness or exam fear or something more than that

I broke into tears, seeing no one around

Remembering the past when there used to be so much crowd


Wandering about the problems


Chosen to sleep

Even the sleep became the deep

Tossing in my bed

While waiting for the austere sleep

"They" again struck  my Minds...

Finding nothing, to do away with these "Kinds"

I decided... to go with this turbulent flow...



PS :-

Dear mind, 

Please stop thinking so much at night.

I Need To Sleep.



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Adarsh Verma  •  3y  •  Reply
Just listen music may be a solution
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Shivaani  •  3y  •  Reply