Creating Ideal Diabetic Diet Chart For Healthy Life

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Sep 16, 2019   •  2 views

Living with diabetes can be quite tough. The toughest thing about living with diabetes is that you have to probably give up your favorite food. You have to give up rice, your favorite sweet fruits, and all kinds of sweets. You must have heard all about these (and more) at some point or another.

But, there's good news for you!! Diabetes doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your favorite foods. Shocked to hear this? Don’t be!!

You just have to eat all kinds of food in moderation. Don’t have too much or too little of any food. Try to balance your meals.

So, do you want a home friendly Diabetic diet chart?

The below-mentioned diet chart will help people with diabetes enjoy all kinds of food and also keep their blood sugar level in check.

So let's get STARTED!!



Rise and shine my friends! Start your day with lukewarm water to flush out toxins from your body. You can even add a teaspoon of methi seed powder for added benefits.


Never let your busy schedule skip breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day which will give you energy for the entire day. Following are some of the options you can try:

  • A cup of tea/ coffee/ buttermilk

  • A bowl of oats with lots of veggies

  • Boiled eggs with a slice of whole-wheat bread

  • Vegetable upma

  • A bowl of vegetable daliya

  • Muesli with milk

Mid Morning

People with diabetes should never try to keep long gaps between their meals. For mid-morning you can have any of these:

  • Green tea with roasted chana

  • Any whole fruit

  • Fruit salad


Try to have a filling but light lunch. Some of the things that you can try for lunch are:

  • Salad + bowl of veggies + 2 chapatis/ sprouts + grilled fish or chicken + curd or buttermilk

  • A Bowl of vegetable daliya with curd

  • Bowl of salad + brown rice + 1 bowl of lentil soup + curd


Try to snack around 4-5 pm. And you can try to satisfy your hungry stomach with following options:

  • Any whole seasonal fruit.

  • 1 fist roasted chana

  • Veg sandwich

  • Or buttermilk


Eat less and eat right. Try the following options for dinner.

  • 1 bowl of salad + 2 chapatis with a bowl of lentil soup or veggies

  • Or 1 bowl of vegetable daliya with curd.

  • 1 bowl of salad + 1 multigrain chapati + buttermilk + a piece of fish or chicken.


Go nuts! And have 4 almonds or 2 walnuts with a glass of lukewarm milk.

In addition to the above mentioned diabetic diet chart, try to change your lifestyle a bit by including either regular exercise or jogging in your daily regime.

And the best piece of advice for all diabetic patients and even non-patients is to be happy and enjoy whatever you are eating.

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