Are you sure you know what love feels like?

Even a specialist can’t tell what the varied and complex emotions each one of us feels when we are in love. After reading romantic novels and watching out romantic movies in back of my mind we created some imaginary love stories but when faced by the reality we realised some real stereotypes about love. We unconsciously carry those ideals and get into relationships disillusioned by their own beliefs and expectations.

Eternal love is a myth, but we make our myths, and we love them to death.

Let’s know some myths about love and does the reality check. Myths that are blocking us from having a healthy relationship.

Opposites attract:

On first meeting with your partner what you will see that what traits you two have that are not same. How opposite you two are? If you two do not share anything in common then what you will discuss on your first meeting, how you two will fall in love. Generally, people who live in long lasting relationships have more commonalities than differences.

Living relationship is a good way to know each other:

Living under one roof before marriage might not be a right decision. Many couples think that knowing each other before marriage will help them to grow a healthy relationship in future. But what is the point, according to me if you love your partner and after living under one roof creates chaos amongst you will you be able to leave your partner? And apart from this your parents will keep asking you when you two are getting married? , if you two decided to live together then why not just go and get married. Because of this couples sometimes take unconscious and wrong decisions which they have to suffer in future.

There’s one perfect person out their waiting for you:

Perfect partner or soul mates doesn’t exist. You can’t find your perfect partner, but learning to see your imperfect partner perfectly is love. Don’t run towards the perfect one, the one who is ideal for you will run towards you.

It will make you feel complete:

You are the only one, who can make yourself complete and happy. Don’t waste your time looking for someone who will make you feel complete and fulfilled.

Love at first sight does exist:

How can you fall in love by just seeing them for the first time? It can be accurate but not always true. Love happens when you know the person’s quality, likes, dislikes, his/her beliefs; it’s about everything you can’t fall in love by the looks in seconds.

Let us know the myths you heard about love in comment section!



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