Remember, Tomorrow Never Comes!

Indu Lekha
Jun 10, 2019   •  35 views

Let me start with the well known quote,"Time and tide wait for none", I believe that time is the most valuable thing in life.Because, we can never stop time.As everyone says, time just flies, and we realize it only when the moment is gone.We often delay most of our deeds and the great laziness accompany us.

Laziness, is something very stubborn and is seen in every human being, right from a child and upto old age.All of us would have felt lazy during most of the times in life.Mostly at home or workplace and usually with no reason.We often depend on others to finish tasks and literally waste time . It's only when we think deeply about the connection between laziness and the time it kills, can we get away from it.Its not possible to just suddenly get rid of laziness, but yes, it is , possible gradually with a proper understanding of situations and duties in life.

I think homeworks and assignments were the most common factors which kept us lazy during school days.We start to postpone doing things at a very young age itself ,but realize the value of the moment only when it's gone.The next place is home, where laziness is at its peak. Because, there is always our lovely mom to do it for us!All we do is sit lame, doing nothing apart from just filling our tummies.

So usually , we wait is just for another day!We wait for a next chance always.In case of everything, let it be an opportunity or a duty, most of us do not utilise the moment and that is the biggest drawback.Remember that this next chance will not always come, it's all simply just luck ! Inorder to succeed in life, stop waiting for the next time and just do it!