Being a social animal, we come across various stages in life, right from when we are born until the death.Each stage that we come across is filled with loads of emotions , there are situations when we remain confused about things happening around and seem to be really freezed about it.

In between all these , there are usually very precious moments that we always wish could happen again.Some new people enter into our lives, some leave, and it just goes on.It is where we create memories .....both sweet and sour.Some remain unforgettable,while some are of no worth.This is how life teaches us, through different roads that we come across!

Travelling is another lovely part which is always filled with memories and knowledge.It is also a fact that travelling is the best way to widen one's knowledge.And at the emergence of technology,we have cameras to capture the moments.It is also a different experience when we go through the beautiful pictures of the past.But some moments in life requires it not only to be captured in the cameras,but in our hearts.

Family and friends are another important elements with whom we share with endless memories with.All love,hatred,ego and anger are expressed and afterall we end creating crazy lovely memories.

So,this is what life is about,we learn from tiny little experiences to significant life changing ones.Lets all create tonnes of memories with our loved ones around and pave way for a brighter and joyous future.



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